11 Applications to Make Students’ Lives Easier

11-apps-to-make-students-lives-easierThe incessant and relentless technology advancement gives today’s young people tremendous opportunities for accomplishing their goals and optimizing their everyday undertaking. Yes, especially helpful IT breakthroughs have proven to be to students, who most often need fresh tools for fostering their academic performance.

Gone are the times when college kids were forced to rely solely on jaded library handbooks and the consultations of stuck-up professors — in the era of digital innovations, students have a much broader range of means to reach academic success.

And mobile applications form a unique, distinctive category of technological tools that can facilitate the daily routine of worn-out students! These smart and avant-garde tools can turn the lives of college kids head over heels with their rich functionality, high efficacy, and great usability mechanism.

If every day resembles a groundhog day and you do not have time to catch the lecture’s stream of information, we know how to make your life easier.

Look at the list of apps that will make your school days easier.

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1. Smart Alarm Clock

It is suitable for the students who are very difficult to wake up in the morning and who, because of this, are late for classes. How does it differ from an alarm clock on a smartphone? It differs because of the fact that you can’t just turn it off by clicking a button. The application offers to solve a simple task: being enough to start your sleepy brain.

2. EssayShark

Receiving quality and cheap writing assistance online is quite a feasible thing! Released by EssayShark, one of the leading online writing services, this app will be a great helper in your tiring academic assignments. With the help of the EssayShark app, you can apply for professional writing support from top academic experts with a flair for science writing!

The app has the same functionality as the service itself — with this app, you can place an order, pick the writer you want, and enjoy your collaboration. The application also allows users to have direct communication with the writer, providing them with necessary instructions and recommendations connected with the order.

It is precisely thanks to this service you can deal with your writing assignments much quicker. You will manage to cope even with the most difficult tasks with the help of their writers. The app offers the ability to choose any writer you want. You can get acquainted with the service if you read through an EssayShark review.

3. Audiobooks.com

It is a great solution for students who are often asked to read a lot of literature. And for this, sometimes more than 24 hours are needed. The Audiobooks app helps solve this problem. Find the necessary book and listen while you are driving home from school, for example.

4. Smart Recorder

Compared to other recorders, Smart Recorder has one advantage: it can record in the background (even if the display is off). This small feature means a lot. Also, it has a live audio spectrum analyzer and is efficient and easy on the battery.

With this outstanding application, you no longer need to strain yourself keeping up with the lecturer’s tempo — Smart Recorder will save the content of the lecture for you by recording it! A pretty attractive solution to your lecture writing issues, isn’t it?

5. MyScript Calculator 2

Many students have problems with calculating. Thankfully, there are apps that can help. MyScript Calculator 2 can recognize handwriting and solve handwritten examples. You can check whether you have solved the exercise correctly. You can also check our guide on how to install and use MyScript Calculator on your PC.

6. Coursera

The Coursera educational platform has its own application. With its help, you can learn many disciplines for free, from language to information technology. The authors of the programs are the best teachers of leading world universities. Video lectures are often filmed in the original language, with or without subtitles. So this is a great option to improve a foreign language and knowledge in other disciplines.

7. Quick Reader

This app teaches speed reading, a very useful skill for the 21st century. The application determines the initial level and suggests how to speed up the pace of reading, gradually complicating tasks for training.

8. Evernote

Planning is one of the cornerstones of successful studying. By properly organizing things in your everyday academic rut, you can largely increase your academic performance! The effective organization assists students in learning to manage their studying, equipping it to their lifestyle and taking a more responsible approach to it.

And this is where Evernote comes for help – this bright application plans your schedule, arranging your daily chores and commitments in the best way possible. Without planning your time, it is difficult to study. Evernote teaches this skill. With it, you can plan things, mark them according to their degree of importance, indicate the places you need to visit and calculate the time.

9. Timetable

If you do not want to carry a thick notebook with a class schedule, just install the Timetable application on your smartphone. In it, you can distribute classes by day of the week and time, indicating the necessary auditorium. You can leave notes with homework or mark the date of tests or exams.

10. Learn Chemistry

It is a highly specialized but very useful guide. It is a must-have for chemists: a periodic table, a solubility table, basic chemical reactions and laws, and much more are provided. It will be useful to schoolchildren and student chemists.

11. Self-Control

If you catch yourself thinking that checking Instagram or Facebook takes more time than preparing for classes, then this application is just for you. It blocks access to social networks or sites for the time you set so that you can safely prepare for classes or read a book. It is suitable for those who often get distracted by using social networks.

With these applications, you can significantly save time, make preparation for classes more effective, and develop skills useful for the 21st century. With them, you can become a successful student!

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