How to Download 21VPN for PC using an Android Emulator

21vpn-for-pc-nedget.comWith the insecurities we face every day on the web, we are not really enjoying the web anymore as we are scared of the dark web of data theft, a lot comes to your mind those days because of the too many issues we hear about, that’s why everyone nowadays prefer a virtual private network as it is more secure but with the too many options available, which one is the best?

But before we get to the best option for you we need to understand what VPN is.

VPN in simple words it does allow you to create and establish a secure internet connection by linking it to another network over the web, VPN originally was created to link business networks together in a very effective secure way then it did evolve, so basically VPN forward the traffic of your network to a new network, it allows you also to access the region-restricted website, it does hide your IP from the web like by giving you new IP from a different location, now we know we know what it does, which app actually deliver those results because the internet is a field with apps that they claim to deliver all of this but they fail, from personal experience, I tried three or four VPNs but I only trust 21VPN now, it is the best in every way.

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What is 21VPN?

A network-owned server that works around the world, so it does connect your phone, PC, or even tablet to another server on the internet, and it does give you access to connect and search the web using that computer’s internet, it creates a new identity to your computer, so it makes you look like tour are connecting from a different country?


21VPN allows you to access a website you won’t be able to access normally from your location, 21VPN encrypts your connection and forward it to a new server anywhere of your choice like the USA, UK, and Ukraine …, the app has 4 plans if you want extra features like:

• Text and Browse; $2.95 a month to make calls and send texts

• Streamer: $5.95 a month enjoy full HD videos and torrents and text and browse plan

• Paranoid Tor: $7.95 hid activities from ISP, deep web search, and text and browse plan

• Ultimate: $9.95 a month all the previous plans

The advantages of 21VPN:

Besides the fact they are improving their app every day and adding new servers, those are some of the key advantages that you will get with this app:

– Access a website that has geo-restriction

– Unlock any website protected by a firewall

– Hide your IP address or any of your activities online

– Extreme protection for your ID and data

– You don’t need to access it by Root

– Access Netflix from your location now because you can or any other website

How to download 21VPN for PC:

You can get it by using NOX, just follow my steps:

– Download the NOX player on your PC – Download the Link

– Install it after the installation is done you will get a notification

– Open the app and log in to your Google account

– Search for the 21VPN

– Install 21VPN, once is done; you will be able to access 21VPN free and unlimitedly

Or you can get it by BlueStacks Emulator:

– Download BlueStacks on your computer – Download the Link

– Lunch BlueStacks and search 21VPN in the search area

– Login and download the app

– After downloading just lunch the app and enjoy your new server

If you face issues with BlueStacks just download and your issue will be sorted.

Getting this amazing App is not difficult and is very easy can be done in a few steps and a couple of minutes and you will get a lifetime of options for new servers

I would highly recommend 21VPN for the ultimate best experience of surfing the web, you get a new IP variety of options of locations and servers, and is all free and easy to access, I enjoyed using it and hiding my IP I feel more secure and protected on the web, so you better start using it now for a better experience.

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