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360-smart-camera-for-pc-free-download-windows-macIt is said that a photo is worth many words, so how many words would a 360-degree photo cost? First and foremost, the media is in the middle of a paradigm shift. What was once the radio is now the TV, and what is now the TV is now the smartphone.

Therefore, one has to keep up with modern technology to remain relevant, be it in your business or personal life. You might have seen your friends post on Instagram and Facebook some interesting panoramic photos. The 360-degree camera has made that possible. It can allow you to capture everything around you in video or still form. If you want to take some paranormal photos, you should download the 360 smart camera app today.

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360 Smart Camera App


The 360 Smart Camera can be used for home security options. You will note that this camera has a height of 10.5 cm and has a weight of 102 grams. It comes with both day and night vision capability, and this makes it ideal for security purposes in your home. Other people prefer to use it as a baby monitor.

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What are the features of this camera app?

This camera comes with a wide lens featuring up to 150° degrees. It can easily be rotated to accommodate the wall fixtures in your home, courtesy of its 360° mounting angles. Its magnetic base helps it to stick to the metal surfaces. This camera can be powered using a USB cord or wall socket. However, you should know that a New Zealand plug is not provided, and therefore you need to have an international adapter for it.

It comes with an optical glass lens that can pick up to 1280 x 720-pixel resolution video. This is enough to capture any security event that you might have out there. Besides, it can still be used for recording activities. Here, you need to get a Micro-SD slot and insert it on the side of the camera. For the night vision, the 9940nn infrared light makes it possible.

However, it would help if you placed the camera in a good location. It worth noting that the camera’s depth of field should be taken into consideration. The maximum camera depth of the video is usually 7 meters. Also, this camera comes with a 2-way omnidirectional speaker and a microphone that can help pick up sounds for the surrounding environment. For this to happen, the ideal distance should be 5 meters.

What are the features of the 360 camera app?

This app is essential for camera setup and operation. You can get it on Google Play or the App Store. Therefore, it is more convenient to get there. This application allows you to connect via Wi-Fi or mobile data. By doing this, you will enjoy real-time live streaming. It is also possible to set up text alerts when the camera detects movements and so on. The good news is that the home watch can send you alerts in the event of movements in the anti-theft area. As such, your doors and windows will remain protected.

Besides these wonderful features, this app can play several lullabies for you, mostly in Chinese. This camera can help your home and family to remain safer. It can also optimize the courtesy of your workplace. It is truly incredible.

360 Smart Camera App features

This camera has some incredible features that make it ideal for you. These include:

  • It enables you to see your family at any time.

Some people work away from their families. Traveling home and back to work can be cumbersome for you. With this camera app, you can readily see your family whenever you want. You will experience the warmth of your home anytime that you want.

  • Ideal for security optimization.

This camera can help optimize the security of your home. It can work as a watchdog when you are away. This is because you will be able to get alerts whenever there is motion in some critical areas in your home. It comes with smart features such as motion detection and facial recognition.

  • It can work remotely.

Peace of mind is essential if you want to become productive in your workplace. With this app, you can readily go back home with just a click on the app. You will be able to see what is going on remotely. You do not need to employ someone to keep an eye on your home when you are away. This app is there for this purpose.

  • Better zooming.

Want to see images clearly? This camera app features an 8x digital zoom. No matter how small your screen is, you will be able to see everything in detail. This can significantly help in the event of a crime in your workplace or home.

  • Fast shutter speed.

This feature can help capture the smiles of your family members. It also comes with a 720p/1080p HD recording. This makes it possible to talk to your family members when you are away.

  • High definitions and smooth modes for different connections.

You might not have enough data, but you want to see the current happening in your home. This feature makes it possible for you as you can see everything, even with a small data plan.

How to download 360 Smart Camera App for PC

If you want to install this app, you should install a Desktop App emulator for your computer.


Therefore, you should follow the following steps:

1. Download an Android emulator for PC

Here, you should go to the Google search form and search for the Nox Emulator app. Once you get it, you can download it on your computer.

2. Install the emulator on your PC.

It would help if you went to the folder where you have downloaded the Nox App Player or emulator application and then click it to install it. Click next and accept the license agreement. Follow the prompts given, and the app will be fully installed.

3. Open the emulator application.

Here, you should open this application and look for 360 Smart Camera in the search bar. A window of 360 Smart camera will appear on the play store, and you will be able to install it on your computer. Once this is done, you will see an icon,” All Apps.” Click it, and you will see the page that has your application. Click the icon, and you will start using the 360 Smart Camera app on your PC.


The 360 Smart Camera app is genuinely incredible due to its amazing features. From being able to work remotely to be able to zoom your images clearly, you can trust that you will enjoy operating this camera. It also helps to optimize the security of your home and even save more money as you will not have to engage someone to watch your home. Consider this application for PC today, and you will not be frustrated.

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