Top 5 VPN Apps for PC That Everyone Should Download

top-5-vpn-apps-for-pcA Virtual Private Network (VPN) will allow you to get over geographical restrictions on some websites like Netflix, override firewalls, and secure your connection among many other reasons. But there are so many VPNs, which one is the best?

Here we look at the best VPN apps that can be used by Android and/or iOS device users as well as how to run on PCs.


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1. VPN Master


This is one of the best VPN applications for Android. It is very easy to use and provides much-needed anonymity when surfing the web. This anonymity is maintained over unlimited bandwidth which is unlike many other VPNs.

There is a free version that users can use to check the app out and when they do decide to pay it will not be too costly. It only costs $2.99 per month which is fairly affordable considering the fast speeds you will get. There are 25 servers to choose from so you always have fast speeds.

Download VPN Master for PC

Download VPN Master for Android

Download VPN Master for iOS

2. SuperVPN


With over 5 million downloads on the play store, you have no reason to doubt that SuperVPN is a good VPN app. It will keep you protected when you are connected to WiFi, allow access to websites without restrictions no matter where you are, and delete logs of your online trail so it remains private.

All this is done without charging you a dime. This is a service that is absolutely free. The app is compatible with most Android browsers and will not get in your way. You may, however, notice a slight decrease in download speeds.

Download SuperVPN for PC

Download SuperVPN for Android

Download SuperVPN for iOS

3. Snap VPN


This best VPN app will give you snappy access to your favorite sites with no restrictions. Whether it is over Wifi or mobile broadband, both Android and iOS users can enjoy the security this VPN offers. This VPN has no limitations and it is free. You will not even be required to register or use a password.

Other than the usual capabilities of VPNs, this one also gives a free VPN proxy which unblocks sites that have free proxy servers. The security you get with this app is UDP and TCP. With this kind of security, you will not be able to download P2P and BitTorrent.

Download SnapVPN for Windows and Mac

Download SnapVPN for Android

Download SnapVPN for iOS

4. Turbo VPN


When you want to bypass restrictions and have the privacy you deserve, you need to get a good VPN. Turbo VPN is a great choice. It has a very simple and easy-to-use interface with only a few ads that do not get in the way.

With this app, you will get fast and unlimited access to all websites online. This VPN is stable and unlike other free apps, it stays up at all times. Just choose the service you want to use and surf the internet.

Download Turbo VPN for Computer

Download Turbo VPN for Android

Download Turbo VPN for iOS

5. Yoga VPN


This free app has servers in seven countries and offers its users unlimited bandwidth. You do not need to provide any private information for the app to work optimally.

Just download the app, connect and start enjoying all it offers. There are no in-app purchases needed for the app to work well. When you download the app, that’s it! You will be able to enjoy all it offers including high speed and stable browsing, anonymous browsing under Wifi, access to blocked sites, and IP masking among others.

Download Yoga VPN for Windows and Mac

Download Turbo VPN for Android

Download Turbo VPN for iOS

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