How to Setup ADM (Advanced Download Manager) on the PC

adm-for-pc-windows-mac-free-downloadGet Lightning-Fast Downloads By Using The ADM (Advanced Download Manager) App for PC and Mobile Devices!

If you are an internet junkie, you must have been in a situation where you were unable to download some video or audio online. I know it is a bit frustrating. But, next time, when you will be facing this issue, you won’t be frustrated. There are some software and applications online that you can use to download content from the internet on your phone.

Among all these software and applications, there is an Android application named ADM expanded as Advanced Download Manager which you can easily download from the Google Play Store. This application has some of the great features beneficial for downloading content like audio, video, images, and more.

Here in this article, we will take a look at some of the other features and benefits of this app. We will also study the user reviews of the app. In the end, we will see how the app can be installed on the PC. Let us Begin!

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A Brief Look Into Some Of The Features And Benefits Of ADM

In this section, we will take a look at some of the primary features of the ADM and its benefits.

  • Powerful Downloader With Added Benefits

The ADM downloader has a bunch of benefits with various advantages. You can easily download three files simultaneously at an accelerated speed. Actually, multithreading allows you to download files at high speed.

The best thing about the download manager is that you can download the files in the background, and if you need to stop it, you can and resume it again. This was you can protect the already downloaded data. You also have the option to set the speed of the downloads.

Downloading files in parallel is very easy with ADM, and you can download files of size above 2 GB.

  • Brilliant User Interface

The state of the art interface of the app makes it appealing to the eyes and has various valuable aspects. The app has a light material design where you can sort your downloaded content by order, size, and name.

You also get the feature of filtering the content based on the type and status. For faster access to the app, you can place a widget of the app on the desktop. You can also open completed files from other apps on the phone like images, videos, and audio.

As your file gets downloaded, you also get info about the speed, size, and time in the app.

  • Built-in Browser For Finding Content

This is another great feature of the ADM app. Packed with a downloader, you also get a browser for searching content. And just like the downloader, the browser also has various features as you can work on multiple tabs simultaneously. You can easily send files to the downloader and can access the list of history and bookmarks.

The browser has a download accelerator for social networking along with a “user-agent” option to detect counterfeiting with the browser. You can easily download any type of file using the ADM browser.

  • Simple Set Of Controls

Well, just like many other apps, the ADM app has some simple set of controls to download videos, audios, and other content. You need to press the download button in the app to start or stop a download, along with this, when the download is completed. Click on it to open the downloaded file. If you long-press the download option, you will see the context menu.

These all controls are the very basic one, you will get to know more after using the app.

  • Notifications and URLs

The ADM app provides you a timely notification about the time and speed of the download in the notification panel of the phone. It also informs you by notification sound and vibration when a download is completed.

It is pretty simple to download files via links; also, all you need to do is press on the link and “complete action with” ADM editor app. You can copy the link, after program intercepts it from the clipboard and send in ADM Editor, or use the “Add” button and paste the link.

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What Are The User Reviews About The ADM App?


It is not a wonder that the app bagged a rating of 4.6 on the Google Play store. Obviously, the above-described features are live proof of it. The users are really happy with the maximum personalization settings that are offered by the ADM app to the users. Also, you can download any type of file using this, which means that you don’t need to download additional applications for it. The overall review of the app is positive!

How To Install ADM On The PC?

Now, we know that ADM is an Android app, and we also want to run it on our PC, isn’t it? But running an Android app on PC seems like an impossible job. It is actually not, and to help you with it, we have found a method for running an Android application on a PC, you need an Android emulator.

The best Android emulators in the market are:

They create a running environment for the app on your PC, no matter it is a Windows PC or a Mac.

Installation Process


  1. Download the Android emulator from the official sites mentioned above.
  2. Follow the on-screen instructions after opening the package installer of the emulator.
  3. Give the emulator some time to set up.
  4. Post-installation, open the emulator window and open the PlayStore app.
  5. Log in with your Google ID and password.
  6. Post successful login, search for the ADM (Advanced Download Manager) app in the search bar.
  7. Find the right application and install it.
  8. Download as much content as you want now. Enjoy!!!

Final Words

Facing issues with downloading videos and images from the web, get the ADM (Advanced Download Manager) app. Download the videos, audios, and images by using just the link.

Also, get access to some of the best features in the market. Get all the downloads at lightning speed along with a built-in browser. Moreover, you can also keep a check on the speed and time of the download. I hope you get all that you need related to the ADM app from this article.

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