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Found an interesting video on the internet but couldn’t download it? Well, there are several apps and websites that do not allow the users to download the videos, which can be really frustrating. It’s a common problem many users face, and if you are among them, don’t worry; there’s a simple solution. The Screen Recording apps!

They are a perfect alternative that can help you get away with any of your favorite content online. And these apps open up several creative avenues. You can use them to create a tutorial for how to use an app or keep a record of some activity on your phone. For the gamers out there, recording gameplays will be a piece of cake.

One such app is ADV Screen Recorder. It is a powerful application developed by ByteRev that can work on smartphones without the need to root the device. The app works fluently without any lags or restrictions.

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What is the need?

The app comes in handy when you need to save the precious moments shared with your friends and family over a video call. If you are indulged in the world of gaming and have a Youtube account, you can record gameplays for your channel.

You can record the screen for feedback to explain the issue or record streaming videos that you can’t download otherwise. Along with the video, it can also record the internal sound of the phone. It is very convenient because it saves time and effort in the post-recording process.

What’s so special about ADV Screen Recorder?

Most phones have an in-built screen recorder app, and even if your phone has one, ADV Screen Recorder can undoubtedly be a superior alternative.


ADV Screen Recorder is a feature-packed app, and it is impressive because of them. The following are the major features of this app.

User-friendly interface: One factor that can distinguish an app from the others is the user interface and how convenient it is to use. ADV Screen Recorder has an attractive and subtle interface providing an easy way to record your phone’s screen.

Compatibility: Compatibility is a big issue while using third-party applications, but ADV Screen Recorder won’t give you any such problems. The app is compatible with social media apps like Facebook, Whatsapp, Instagram, Viber, Skype, etc. It means you can record all the workings of these apps.

Smooth recording: Unlike the default app that may falter or deliver inconsistent recording in some cases, this app offers high-quality and smooth screen recording. It’s a great app that records everything on the screen without any hiccups!

Greater control: The app offers the users complete control. You can control the resolution of the video, frame rates, bit rate, video orientation, and microphone settings. If you allow, the app can also show the screen touches, which is a great help while making tutorials.

Advanced features: In comparison to the default app, AVD Screen Recorder features some advanced technological features that heavily improve the overall utility. It allows you to record the camera, and it can use both front and back cameras, and the view appears at the corner.

Customization options: Along with smooth recording, it lets you edit the recorded clips in the app itself. You can also control the overlay by adjusting the opacity of the tools, and it also enables you to add text or custom images. The tools provided allow you to draw and write over the clip. You just have to select a color and start writing or doodling on the screen while recording.

How to install and use this app on a PC

The features listed above explain how useful and feature-loaded the ADV Screen Recorder is, and the application is already popular among android users. Considering the features and convenience, many of you might want to use it on your PC. If you are one of them, this is your one-stop solution.

You can install the app on your PC using an Android Emulator. Some popular emulators that you can use are BlueStacks, NoxPlayer, and MEmu. The following is a straightforward step-by-step guide to installing this app using Nox Player on your PC.

How to install ADV Screen recorder with Nox Player

Step 1: Start with checking whether your PC is running on a 32 or 64-bit operating system. Go to your computer’s setting and check.

Step 2: Head over to the official website of the Emulator of your choice, Nox Player, in this case.

Step 3: Download the Nox Player installer package compatible with your system.

Step 4: Once the download is complete, unpack the package and accept the Nox agreement. Install the Android Emulator by clicking on “Install.”

Step 5: After installing, run the Nox Player and log in with your Google Account.

Step 6: In the tab searcher, search for ADV Screen Recorder. Install it on your Nox Player.


Step 7: Upon completion, you will be able to use ADV Screen Recorder on your PC. Now, you can get your favorite content recorded anytime.

Note: Give the emulator at least 10-15 minutes for complete installation.

What do the users think about the app?

The ADV Screen Recorder app stands tall among the most popular apps with a 4.4 rating on the Google Play Store. There are mostly positive reviews, and people have said good things about the app; however, some reviews point out the underwhelming aspects as well. Some bugs like delays in the internal sound or jittering in the frames are reported, but these are minor issues that the developers can easily resolve with future updates.

Final words

Overall, ADV Screen Recorder is a capable app that won’t disappoint you. It’s available on the Google Play Store to download for free, and if you want to install it on your PC, the detailed steps are mentioned above. So, install it for some quality screen recording and other functionalities that your phone or PC may be lacking.

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