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Among Us can become your go-to party game with your friends if you like space-related arcade games. This is one of those games that have lately gained popularity with over one million players around the globe. The game is fun to play and watch how the wrath of an imposter in space falls over the innocent players. This compares well to an evil Werewolf in space.

The spaceship crew usually goes about their activities in space until an imposter disguised as innocent stars shifts the blame on them. Among Us is a fantastic game that will keep you entertained for hours. The best thing is the multiple players setting that allows the whole friend group to get involved.

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How to play the game?

You can download and install the free mobile version of the game to start playing. This requires a stable local WiFi connection to play with four to ten players at a time. In the game, your crew has to prepare the ship for space departure. But, one imposter is trying to stop you from doing that while killing everyone. It does sound fun, and no one knows who that imposter is.

The game involves several tasks for the screw that help in finding out the imposter and vote that player out of the spaceship. So, beware of the imposter trying to sabotage with chaos and multiple kills. Don’t miss out on this exciting game that is already loved by millions.

User Take on game’s mobile version the Game Among Us

The users have mentioned the game to be one of their top picks when they are looking for a less violent yet fun game. One user appreciated how the graphics and interface of the game looks. This game does not lag at all, even with a large number of players. Moreover, it is easy to understand and play for those who are not into too many games.

The strategic challenges and tasks of the game encourage the player to play more and more. One user recommended the addition of friends from the friend list will make the game enjoyable, even for those who don’t live nearby.


The game is a must-have to include in your gaming hours, which is mental exercise without too much violence like other games. Some users had issues while joining the servers; other than that, the game runs smoothly. Besides, to make the game more fun, some users want to see the upgrade of hiding bodies and eight directional sprints for the players.

Two directional sprints make the players lack the agility to do the tasks with more speed and efficiency. Therefore, there should be settings to change these features. The movements should be more static and controllable in the mobile version of this game. Besides, the users requested an anti-hack system for the players to find the imposter quickly.

What are the shortcomings of Among Us?

With the increased traffic in recent weeks, the servers of the game were all full of traffic. As a result, the game was experiencing some lag. However, the official makers of the game assured it to be temporary as they were not ready for such a huge number of players in such a short time.

Besides, the game is free to use on mobile, but you will have to pay for the PC version of the game. Some users requested the app to be free for PC and laptops. Keep on reading to find how you can play Among Us on your PC.

How to play Among Us on Your PC?

As you know that the PC version of Among Us is not free, and you may not want to spend on a paid game. You’ll be relieved to find out there is a way to play this game on your PC for free. For this, you need to download and install an Android emulator on your PC to mimic your phone’s setup.

We recommend easy-to-use emulators, such as BlueStacks App Player and Nox App Player. Here are some directions to go through to install Among Us along with the emulator.


Step 1: After the download and installation of the above-mentioned emulator, your PC will take a few minutes to be ready for the app installation.

Step 2: Now, click on the Android emulator to open it.

Step 3: Log in to the PC with your Google credentials the same way you do on your mobile.

Step 4: Go to the menu and the search bar in the Play Store.

Step 5: Search for Among Us app and install it.

Step 6: Now, the mobile version of the game is all set to play on your PC.

Final Words

Among Us is an easy game to play with all your friends and family. You can make this a party game as it is understandable even for your non-gamer buddies. The game focuses on all the players, so one will not feel left out from all the fun. Moreover, the game is interesting to watch as well, along with the imposter and crew member shenanigans.

It is a challenge to find the imposters; hence the level of nail-biting increases as the game progresses. Hopefully, with some upgrades in the interface and graphics, this game will be even more incredible. Till then, you can enjoy finding the imposter or being one on your mobiles and PCs.

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