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apk-editor-for-pc-windows-mac-download-freeIf you own an Android device, you must have come across the term APK. When you want to download a particular application on your Android device, the APK file may be required to complete the installation.

In this article, we will be enlightening you on what exactly is the APK and also talk about the APK editor, which is the key application we are discussing here. The APK Editor is involved in editing APK files so that you design your apps to your liking.

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What are APK files used for?

APK is an acronym for the Android package kit. APK is also sometimes referred to as an Android application package. It is the file format that Android devices use to distribute and install applications. Usually, when you visit the Google play store to download an Android application, the application automatically downloads the APK and use it to install the app on your device.

Just like the exe files on Windows, you can download the APK file alone and use it to download your application of choice. You can extract the APK file from the Play store to use it for downloading a file on your device. Manually installing an app on your device using the APK file is known as sideloading.

Downloading APKs becomes very useful in some aspects. First, when you have an application’s APK, you will always be ahead in time. For instance, when major software like the desktop’s calendar launches an update, it will generally take two to three weeks to arrive on your device. However, when you have an APK file on your device, you can open files, skip the long wait, and update the software you need.

Secondly, with an APK file, you can also download and install apps that are supposedly not available on the Google Play store. However, you must be extra cautious where you download your APKs from. Some websites may use this to get spam into your device. Some sites may promise to offer you a paid app for free when you download a particular APK from it, be extra careful, such sites are spammer sites.

APK Editor APP

As we mentioned, earlier APKs have files that enable downloading and installing certain apps. You can edit these APK files and design the application however you like. The APK editor lets you edit any APKs that you have downloaded on your device. The APK editor will also allow you to extract APKs from the apps installed on your device.

APK editor lets you carry out two types of editing, which are full edit and simple edit. The full edit involves rebuilding any files in the APK, and full edit is very strenuous. The simple edit, on the other hand, is easy and quite simple to do.

Regardless of which editing type you choose, you will realize with time that it is easy to edit any APK aspect. You can easily remove some languages; edit the background of an app, among many other aspects depending on how skilled you are. The APK Editor is an excellent app when used correctly, but it can be frustrating if misused. The good thing is that the app also comes with a help page that teaches you how to use the app correctly.

APK Editor Features

This powerful app has got features that enable your editing work easier and effective. Below are some of these features. We are going to discuss each feature and see how it takes part in the functioning of the APK Editor.

√ Icon editor – APK icons are always automatically detected, so when using the APK editor studio, it is easy for you to change the icon of the application you want.

√ Image editor – some applications may contain images within, so if you are not interested in the format of these images, you can change them, you can also edit the images to your taste.

√ Title editor – with APK editor, you can also change the title of the application. You can change the language translations to whoever you like.

√ Permission editor – there may be permissions that may need or ones that you do not need. With APK Editor, you can easily remove or add any permission that you want.

√ APK installer – you may need an APK file, but you are not able to download it directly to your device. Also, you can never be too sure which site is genuine. In this case, the APK editor application will install the APK files that you need.

APK Editor for PC Download

The APK Editor is an Android application, and just like most applications, download them on PC means that you must have an Android emulator. Below are the steps that you need to take to download and install the app on your PC.


  • Install an Android emulator on your PC like the Nox Android emulator.
  • Open the installed Nox program.
  • Log in to your Google account.
  • Head on to Google Play store.
  • Search for APK Editor and click on install.
  • Open the installed APK Editor and start using it.


1. Can I get APK editor online for free?

Yes, you are free to download the app from Google play store and App store.

2. Is APK Editor pro available for PC?

Yes, the application is available for PC download by using an Android emulator.

3. Is the APK code editor available on the APK editor app?

The code editor feature is available on the APK editor application. The application comes with a syntax highlighter for YAML and XML formats.

4. Does the APK studio for editing has an image editor?

One of the features of this APK editor application is that it has an image editor where you are allowed to edit any images on the application of your choice.

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