How To Download PagarBook For PC (Windows 7, 8, 10, Mac)


PagarBook is a workflow and staff management software designed to aid employers and staff managers in easily managing cumbersome management activities. It can be used for easy analysis of daily workflows, payroll management, salary invoicing, and many other activities that would be too strenuous when done manually. Not only does it ease your staff management, […]

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Download, Install & Use Google Task Mate on PC (Windows & Mac)


Earning some extra bucks can always help you in a ton of ways, especially in these troubled times. And Google’s all-new Task Mate App lets you earn through various chores near you. Not only that, but this application also serves as a mutual platform for businesses and aspirants. Currently, in the beta testing phase, Task […]

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How To Install & Use Loyverse POS On Your Computer / Laptop


All about the Loyverse app and why you should use it One thing that can cause a major setback in your business is the mismanagement of finances. If you do not have a proper way to track your income and your expenditure, you are in for great losses. Failing to track your business revenue can […]

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Cisco Webex Meetings – How To Download & Install On PC


The Internet has revolutionized the way we communicate with each other. No matter if you are away from your office or home, you can communicate with your colleagues and your loved ones at any time. If we talk about communicating, being away from your workplace can hamper the performance and workflow of your team. And […]

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Download, Install & Use Microsoft Teams on PC (Windows & Mac)


Microsoft has been around our lives for more than forty years now. We all have grown up using the various Microsoft tools to make our documents, presentations, excel sheets, etc. Microsoft has impacted the lives of school children and has been a significant part of all the offices around the world. Almost every office in […]

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Download, Install & Use Google Meet on PC (Windows & Mac)


Google meet is a free video-conferencing app, which is also a product of the G-suite platform. Google meet is new, and an update of the Google Hangout that most people are aware of. Google meet has come at just the perfect time when the world of conferencing is shaken. During this Covid-19 pandemic, when social […]

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Earn Money Working From Home With Meesho App for PC


With the growing number of users the reselling app, Meesho has garnered a lot of popularity. Everyone strives to be independent in life and earn a good living. You may or may not do this in a regular 9 to 5 job. So much advancement in technology has led to the freedom of choice for […]

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