Download & Install MARKS App On PC [Windows & Mac]


MARKS | A One-Stop Solution for All Your Academic Needs If you think of how the world has changed in the last hundred years, it’s truly amazing. We have gone from horse-and-buggy transportation to sending people to the moon, from hand-cranked washing machines to automatic dishwashers, and from iceboxes to microwave ovens. If we’re so […]

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How To Use Doubtnut Study App On Your PC / Laptop


Why Doubtnut App is good for Students Students in India have a very good chance of learning from the comfort of their homes using the Doubtnut app. The app provides real-time solutions to maths doubts, chemistry doubts, physics doubts among many other academical doubts. The app displays the answers in video form and you can […]

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How To Download & Use Moodle On Your Desktop PC


Moodle is a learning management platform that helps students and teachers manage studies and keep up with modules. Each user is required to have an account whereby the can install it on the cloud or servers. This platform now has a mobile app that you, as a user, can download it on your phone. Below […]

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How To Join & Use Google Classroom On Your Computer


Have you heard about Google Classroom in the recent past? You will realize this is a free, blended learning platform that usually offers a number of benefits to both the students and teachers. As we speak, the Classroom is now becoming more and more paperless. As a result, teachers have to find a way to […]

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BYJU’S App Review – How To Install & Run On The Computer


The year 2020 has brought so many apps to the light. Most of these apps encourage the use of apps and different software to increase virtual meetups. For instance, the education industry has faced significant challenges like never before. Schools have been closed following the pandemic, forcing students and teachers to carry out their learning […]

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Rosetta Stone: Learn Languages For PC (Windows 10, 8, 7, Mac)


Rosetta Stone App For PC – Learn Different Languages Learning different languages can be quite an advantage to anyone, especially if you have or love to travel to places with languages you do not understand. The only problem comes when you have to take action and start to learn different languages. Sometimes it would take […]

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SoloLearn for PC, Windows & Mac – Free Download


Are you a newbie in programming? Then you must have come across SoloLearn. If not, then you are missing out on something big. Maybe you are thinking of starting with Python programming. As a beginner, you need an app that relays the topics in perfect order, teaches in a clear language, gives you straightforward questions […]

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