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You need to find measures to protect your property from burglars, vandals, and unnecessary visitors. The importance of remote camera surveillance in homes is to make sure everything remains safe. Without a shred of evidence or clarity, it would be impossible for you to assess the state of your property every hour of the day while it’s vacant.

What’s worse? Someone burglarizing your home when you’re away and getting away with $50,000 worth of jewelry without any proof? You may even come back from vacation only to find out that someone has broken into your unoccupied house and stolen $5000 worth of your belongings.

You don’t have to worry about the safety of your property anymore. With all the advances in technology, it’s easy to monitor your home using cameras. Keep an eye on things with this ATVCloud application. The idea with surveillance cameras is ultimately safety. Find out how the ATVCloud app works, keeping safety in mind!

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What are the Features of the ATVCloud App?

Here are the features of the ATV Cloud surveillance app.

Easy to use

The app is easy to use for people who aren’t even that tech-savvy. It is a software-based operating system that connects your mobile to the cameras on your property. The operating system of the app is user-friendly for all devices.


You just have to input with your device ID login and learn how to manage the apps. Besides, the app has a help function that allows the users to learn the new function of its software.

Downloading the latest version of the app will improve the quality of images even more. Note that it shall use more data, and the transmission time to the device will increase. You can use WiFi mode for a faster operation and save on data.

Switch cameras

You can switch between multiple cameras on your property to have a look at all the corners in your home or office property. This gives you convenient remote access at all times.

High-resolution images

Unlike other apps that show blurry images, ATV Cloud has high-quality images with H.264 compression standard support. These images make it easier to identify everything without playing a guessing game.

Capture images

You can capture images by switching the modes of the shutter, including three or five at a time. These images can be stored on your device.

PTZ control

The app supports the Pan Zoom Tilt camera option to get a wider view of the space. This feature makes surveillance easier without installing too many cameras.

Pros and Cons of ATVCloud

Here’s a list of the pros and cons of the app.

Pros Cons
It has high-quality images. The app may crash at times.
The PTZ control function allows better surveillance.
You can capture images.

User reviews of the application

Overall the users are happy with the app. One user was happy about the smooth working of the application. Another user said that it has no delays and bugs. Therefore, it works great as per his needs.

There was a critical review saying the app login may fail to authenticate sometimes. It may show up as the username does not exist even for an existing one. As a result, it was frustrating for the user to use the app in a single attempt. Hopefully, this bug will be fixed soon for all the users to benefit from this app.

There have been some upgrades to the app, such as offline login and a new connection method in case of special connectivity issues. Moreover, users can add binding mobile numbers and email for restoration and retrieving the data. Additionally, the app has an intercom voice modification option for customization.

How to use ATVCloud on your PC?

Wouldn’t it be more convenient to use ATV Cloud on your PC or laptop instead of just operating it on your phone? You can use the app on your PC using an Android emulator.

It’s a well-known fact that there are countless Android emulators out in the world. However, we recommend these three for their ease of use and compatibility with both mobile devices as well PC operating systems!

You may choose to download any of these three emulators. Here’s how you can download and install BlueStacks Player!


  1. Download the installer package of the BlueStacks App Player from the website, depending on your system configuration.
  2. Verify if the PC is 32-bit or 64-bit.
  3. Click on the installer package from the downloads.
  4. You will see the terms and conditions box on the screen. Click it for installation.
  5. Give the emulator a few minutes to complete the installation.
  6. After the complete installation, open the emulator window and log in with your Google account credentials.
  7. Search for the ATV cloud apk file and download it. Install the app by dragging it onto the emulator.
  8. Keep an eye on your property using the ATVCloud app using all your devices.


It is important to have a surveillance app that is easy to use and does not crash when you need it the most. ATV Cloud will keep your important information safe while providing the best surveillance possible for your residential and commercial property. If you are tired of blurry remote camera images, you can rely on ATVCloud for high-quality images for better visibility of your property.

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