5 Best File & Data Recovery Software For PC (2024)

5-best-file-data-recovery-software-for-pcAs the world is becoming more and more digitized, we are relying more on digital devices to store our data. Whether it’s our pictures, music, or any other official data, everybody stores them in files and folders on the computer. However, many times, accidentally, due to any unwanted computer virus, or because of hardware damage, we lose our data. One of the biggest stress arrives when your data is deleted, and there is a number of files that you can’t afford to lose.

There comes the role of file recovery tools that can help you to retrieve back the data with their efficient use. So if you too have lost your data and aren’t sure what to do next, go through the article and find out the best possible options for you.

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How Does Data Recovery Software Work?

When the files are deleted from the storage system of the computer, they do not get permanently deleted. Due to several performance reasons, the computer only frees up the space that you wished to empty and keeps the deleted files in a raw form for a certain period of time.

This gives the recovery software an opportunity to dig deep into those memory spaces and recover back the files that got deleted accidentally. However, the process is not the same for every computer and depends upon the file system that your computer operates on.

Do not worry, recovery software are highly efficient in recovering data from all file system, whether it’s NTFS or FAT. There is only a very little chance that recovery software fails in recovering the files.

Let us jump in and explore the best five data recovery software in 2024.

5 Best File & Data Recovery Software For PC

Check out the list of the 5 best files and data recovery software for your laptop or computer system.

1. Recuva

Recuva is a product of a well-known software brand CCleaner that has been working to remove unwanted files from people’s computers for over a decade now. Recuva has made a good name for itself in the market due to its easy user interface and effective recovery process.

Recuva is highly efficient in recovering back lost documents, photos, and music files. One of the biggest advantages of Recuva file recoverer is that it not only works on computer storage but can work its way through memory cards, external hard drives, and USB sticks.

Even if your pen drive and the external hard drive are damaged or have been formatted, there is still hope for file recovery with Recuva. An additional benefit that you get with this amazing software is the feature to delete files through their sources so that recovery becomes impossible. This is helpful in getting rid of virus-infected files.


  • A freeware version is available.
  • The interface is user-friendly.
  • It can securely delete files that contain a virus.
  • The cost of the pro version is affordable.


  • The freeware is not as efficient as the pro version.

2. Disk Drill

Disk Drill is one of the most prominent file recovery software. The software is a big hit, and all kinds of users, from professionals to amateurs, use this magnificent software. The reason for its popularity is the ability to retain back files in the least amount of time. This feature-rich software uses sophisticated scanning algorithms to recover back lost data.

There are multiple file recovery modes available, from quick scan to deep scan. A quick scan is useful to recover the data that is recently deleted due to an accident. However, if your data got corrupted and then got deleted, it is better to go with its deep scan feature.

This software is designed for usage by people of all age groups. So do not worry if you are not as good at computers as your children. The intuitive interface of the software will guide you step by step to recover the files you are looking for.

The software also includes a vault feature that lets you add protection to specific files and folders. This enhances the security level of the important files that you protect from unrequired thefts.


  • Streamlined file recovery.
  • Efficient in recovering every kind of damaged file.
  • Free data protection tools.
  • It works on all kinds of disk-based storage devices.


  • You can only recover 500 MB of data in the trial version.

3. Wondershare Recoverit


Source: HandyRecovery

As its name suggests, Wondershare is a truly extraordinary software that can create wonders by bringing back your lost files and folders to life. Recoverit boasts support for over 1,000 file formats, including NTFS, FAT, APFS, and HFS. Wondershare Recoverit has a complete set of tools that offers eight different sections to the user for choosing the recovery process they find appropriate.

These sections include Deleted File Recovery, Formatted Disk Recovery, Lost Partition Recovery, External Device Recovery, System Crash Recovery, Virus Attack Recovery, and All-Around Recovery.

The software has an easy-to-use interface and goes through a set of fixed three steps in which the data is recovered back. The last step even provides you a preview option that lets you view the given files prior to recovering so that time and effort can be saved. This is mind-blowing software with great efficiency, and that is worth checking out.


  • The software has a good design and great workability.
  • It is compatible with both Windows and Mac.
  • A complete file recovery option is available.
  • It supports all kinds of file formats.


  • The trial version only allows data recovery up to 100 MB.
    File redundancy is more.

4. R-Studio

R-Studio is a professional data recovery software tool that is extremely efficient in retrieving back lost data. This is a highly exclusive tool that is mostly used in professional offices and studios.

It can recover data from all different operating systems, including Windows, Mac, and Linux. Even if you have lost the data on devices that are connected to your system through LAN, the software will give its best to recover the corrupted and accidentally deleted files.

This recovery software tool is complete software that provides multiple other essential features, such as creating disk images, SMART monitoring technology, and a multi-language GUI. R-Studio has a simple interface that can be used without any struggle to recover back your lost files.

Although the software offers a simple interface, a feature in the software is preset that can automatically work on the recovery process and give back all lost files. This feature is most suited for inexperienced users.


  • A simplified version of the software with the name R-Undelete is available.
  • A free demo version is available.
  • The software provides cross-platform support.
  • You can customize the types of file formats you need to recover.


  • The price of the software is higher than other similar software.
  • The multiple options available on the main interface make it confusing.

5. TestDisk


Source: HandyRecovery

Test Disk is a high-end data recovery software that is capable of recovering files that even other similar software can not retrieve back. The software deeply checks your system and tries to work on the smallest of the smallest file system to get back the lost data. This software is most suitable for users that are struggling to get back data that was lost long ago or got lost due to any virus infestation.

Test Disk works by fixing the partition tables, helps in repairing the boot sectors, and does various other things to access back the deleted files. Test Disk is undoubtedly one of the best data recovery software that is capable of retrieving data from the hardest of places.


  • It is highly capable of recovering all types of deleted files.
  • The software is free to download and gives full access.
  • It works on all types of operating systems.
  • The software goes to the deepest levels of your computer file system.


  • The software lacks a graphical user interface.
  • File preview is not available.

Wrapping Up

All the above-given software is the best in the data recovery software market, and you can download any of them to restore all kinds of lost data. In case you have just lost a photo or a simple file accidentally while deleting other files, then you can go for Recuva or Wondershare, but for a more complex recovery task, prefer using the other three software. Relieve your tension now and download the software that fits your demands.

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