Top 10 Best Free Gaming Video Editors For YouTube

best-gaming-video-editors-for-youtubeUploading the favorite moves of the most popular game is the dream of almost every gamer. The entire process of recording, editing, and uploading a gaming video is exciting. If you are a gamer, you might be aware of it. The most impactful part of a video is its editing section. It includes how you upload, which theme you choose, better audio according to the content, and many more.

Beginners, don’t feel distressed if you are not acquainted with using the editing software! A plethora of options will take you into the paradise of editing. Hence, transforming the raw video into a professional lookalike. Why invest in premium software when you can get optimum features in free Youtube video editors like these options below.

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Top Gaming Video Editors You cannot Resist to Use

1. Kdenlive ⇓

The best option for an open shot video comes with powerpack features along with greater flexibility. Irrespective of the number of effects you add, it works better without creating any fuss. As far as you consider the performance, the proxy clip feature of Kdenlive ensures easy editing of 45 videos. There are multiple options like rotations, masking, color adjustments, multi-track editing, and alike.


2. AVS video editor ⇓

The modern and advanced video editor allows gamers to add appealing sound effects. It supports almost all files like 3GP, AVI, MKV, FLV, and WMV. The advanced tools and features are intuitive enough for beginners. In every processing, enjoy prolific video filters, color correction, and add special effects. There are loads of options that may confuse the beginners initially. However, pay a bit of heed to succeed in fantastic editing.


3. Hitfilm Express ⇓

In a single software, you can enjoy editing and compositing benefits. Hitfilm features VFX abilities that remain unparalleled from other software. Many software applications unlock their premium features after getting a subscription. However, Hitfilm Express is free and its users can enjoy advanced features like animation and keyframing, adjust temporal and superior interpolation, create keyframes, motion tracking with optimum accuracy, insert edgy memes, and many more. It is customizable enough to edit gaming videos according to your preferences.


4. Lightworks ⇓

With Lightworks, you get a professional-grade editor for free. Use H.264 formats and MPEG4 to export the video at a maximum resolution of 1280 x 720. It is a non-linear software that makes the editing accessible and more straightforward. Visual effects are phenomenal, and you can avail of advanced color grading. Although the free version has limited options, it is enough for beginners to edit videos.


5. VSDC ⇓

VSDC contains an export template wherein you can extract new videos daily for your audience. The fade and transition options, frame-by-frame editing are highly eminent as compared to other video editors. It is the best editor for simple editing and adding subtitles, transitions, and special effects. There is no limitation in uploading a video to the Youtube channel. You can choose the resolution and codec that you want.


6. Windows Movie Maker ⇓

Windows Live Movie Maker or Windows Movie Maker provides the utmost standard features essential for the perfect gaming video editing. It allows you to create thumbnails, compress, cut, and edit the gaming video along with the impressive audio and visual effects. WMM features AutoMovie with existing editing styles for creating videos automatically.


7. Blender ⇓

Gamers love this software due to its blending effects. All in all, it is the best video editor comprising all essential features required for gaming video editing, from simple to intricate editing like video masking. Create exciting game trailers and execute the basics with proficiency. You can avail of luma waveform, histogram displays, live preview, and even control speed and adjust layers as per the video type.


8. OpenShot ⇓

OpenShot’s functional and straightforward user interface (UI) contains all features you require, all packed within accessible clusters. You get a bundle of transitions and visual effects that is enough to transform a shot into an eye-catchy video. The title template is the coolest feature of OpenShot. Hence, use this feature if you don’t have enough time to choose a captivating title for your video, with its both animated and static title features. It is open-source software, which you can use on all operating systems like Mac, Windows, and Linux.


9. Filmora Go ⇓

Professionals highly recommend Filmora Go for the best gaming video editing needs. It does not leave any watermark behind the scenes, which can be quite annoying. You can modify videos with enigmatic effects and quickly upload them. You can easily add appealing filters and make the video look elegant and catchy. It offers several transitions, themes, and timeline features. It is an all-in-one video editor, highly preferred by professionals.


10. Olive ⇓

It has attracted the attention of various video editors all over the world. It is not only one of the favorites of gamers, but even Instagrammers prefer it. It has a standard UI with project area, timeline, preview window, and media viewing window. The performance level makes Olive highly popular. It is quite simple to use. Drop the file into the project area and incorporate editing stuff into it. Modify the resolution, framerate, and scale and share it once you complete with the editing.


» Conclusion

Apart from this, there are also other editing software programs that have both free and paid versions. Amidst several unique features, choose the one that suits your requirement. It is difficult to try every video editor. Hence, know your needs and choose the one that helps you out in great editing. You should even check different gaming channels and get their schedule of video uploads. What kind of video format the viewers need or how to customize it for millions of views must be considered.

No matter whichever editing software you choose, make sure the content is highly engaging and interactive. Include such gaming shots that viewers demand the most. A gamer should be creative and highly artistic to tell the story through an impressive gaming video. Options are limitless, and editing features are exclusive. Choose handy editors that you love to work with without compromising the quality standards.

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