10 Best Health and Fitness Apps for Android (2024)

10-best-health-and-fitness-apps-for-android-2020Do you want to maintain a good weight and remain fit? There are many factors to consider. First, you will note that most people have now appreciated the need to keep track of what they eat and do. Nowadays, they are dedicating time to exercise and so on. If you want to keep track of your health and fitness, there are some Android apps that you should consider. The following are the apps that you should consider:

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1. Runtastic Steps-Steps Tracker

Are you a fan of hiking or jogging? This app is the ultimate solution for you. You will note that it can help you get active, burn calories, and even reduce your body weight as it aids you to count steps easily. Here, you do not need to have a health tracker band or device. The algorithm of this app will do this for you. It will detect any type of activity that you are engaging in by using the sensors present on your smartphone.

With this app, you will be able to set goals and even challenge yourself. You will also be able to integrate other apps such as the Results, Six Pack and so much more. In addition, Runstatic steps counters allow you to incorporate the Runstatic steps tracker.

If you are looking for three unique plans to boost your fitness, you should consider the premium option. Here, you will find a 20-day activity that will improve your daily step counter. There is also a Step It Up program that includes a blend of steps and active minute goals. Lastly, the Walking for Weight Loss plan will help you to reduce weight.

Pros Cons
√ It has an adaptable and effective user interface × The pro version is quite expensive.
√ It allows you to set goals.
√ The app shows detailed reports.

2. My FitnessPal

This app can help you track your calories as it has several types of food that you should take. Here, you will find essential information regarding the nutritional value of different foods. Also, you will find restaurant meals. You will get all the details you need regarding your daily meals.

Apart from offering food details, it offers more than 250 exercises worth considering. These include walking, biking, swimming, running, and so on. If you get to a restaurant and you are confused about what to take, this app can help you make a good decision. Also, you will be able to personalize your foods and recipes. With this app, you will track sugar, calories, cholesterol, and even vitamins.

Pros Cons
√ It has a massive food database. × The pro version.
√ Supports 30+ apps and devices
√ Has a step counter.

3. SleepCycle

Sleep Cycle: Sleep Tracker
Sleep Cycle: Sleep Tracker

For you to remain healthy, you should sleep for at least 8 hours a day. This app can help you keep track of your quality of sleep. Also, it keeps track of your heart rate when you are in bed. If you want to wake up during the lightest sleep phase this morning, this app will help you do this seamlessly.

Since it is able to keep track of your sleeping data, it will be able to visualize that data using graphs and other UI elements. You will note that this app divides the quality of sleep into 5 stages. The SleepCycle alarm clock of this app can help sense the changes made by your body before you wake up.

Pros Cons
√ It has an intuitive user interface. × It cannot work well if your phone sensors have a problem.
√ Keeps track of your track history.
√ It comes with a SleepCycle alarm clock.

4. Runkeeper

This app is GPS based and is normally used by over 50 million people. It can readily help you track your exercises, set your weight goals, and even see your progress over time. Users here can readily track all the activities that can help them reduce weight such as jogging or running. These activities will be tracked with GPS in real time.

If you have a busy schedule you should feel left out. This app has introduced a personalized routine. Also, it allows users to join challenges, snag exercises, and even share remarkable achievements out there. You can even create groups with like-minded people and even challenge one another.

Pros Cons
√ GPS-based mapping. × The premium version is expensive.
√ Live-tracking.
√ It allows you to set goals.

5. Sworkit

Sworkit Trainer
Sworkit Trainer
Developer: Nexercise Inc
Price: Free

This is a good workout app and exercise planner. It can also help you track your fitness. You will note that it has a customizable workout schedule that can work well for your daily routine. In addition, there is a 6-week program for you to get started.

This app has many exercises that you can consider. From stretches to full-brown workout sessions, there is plenty that you can do at home. This app will readily guide you on what you should do.

Pros Cons
√ It is compatible with other apps × It does not describe the best meals one should consume.
√ It supports Pilates, stretches, yoga among other exercises.
√ It allows you to contact a real personal trainer.

6. Lifesum

Lifesum Kalorien Zähler & Diät
Lifesum Kalorien Zähler & Diät
Developer: Lifesum
Price: Free

Lifesum is different from MyFitenessPal as it offers guidelines that one should follow instead of just detailing every single meal. This app provides a diet plan based on various factors such as gender, age, height, weight, and so forth.

If you want to count your calories, the macro calculator of this app will help you out. All you need to do is to list the food items that you have eaten. If you have plans of trying out different kinds of diets such as pale, keto, or sugar-free diets, this app can be a good companion.

With this app, you will be able to plan your diet by using the inbuilt Food Planner feature. This app can easily sync with other fitness apps such as Nokia Health, Runkeeper, Moves, and so on. Also, it can integrate with Google Fit and S Health for better diets.

Pros Cons
√ It supports different diets. × The premium version is quite costly.
√ This app supports Google Fit and fitness apps.
√ Has a systematic and personalized plan.

7. Headspace

How often do you meditate? Meditation is very important for your health. If you are looking for a meditation app, look no further as Headspace is there for your mental health. This app usually includes several guided meditations.

Besides these meditations, it comes with emergency SOS sessions for calming your mind and even various programs to choose from, based on what pleases you. One advantage of this app is that it can send you notifications to tell you to chill out or even breathe a little bit.

If you choose to go for the pro version, you have to dig deeper into your pocket. However, it comes with additional features that will fascinate you. All this will depend on your budget and what works well for you.

Pros Cons
√ It comes with emergency SOS sessions for calming your mind. × The pro version is expensive.
√ This app sends you a notification to alert you to chill and so on.
√ Includes several guided meditations.

8. Home Workout

Once you download this app, it will provide you with routine workouts for the different muscle groups in your body. If you want to build more muscles in your body, this app can play a major role in making this a reality. You do not need to visit the gym in order to build more muscles in your body. This app has some essential exercises that you can do while at home. These are exercises for your arms, chest, legs, and full-body workout.

The exercise routines that you find on the app are usually designed by professionals. This way, you will be able to enhance your body’s growth with little or no external help. Therefore, this app is a good companion for you. Here, you will get every bit of exercise routine that will fit into your schedule. From warm-ups to starching, there is a lot you can do in a bid to build your muscles. This will go a long way in preventing muscle pull and other problems.

This app is able to maintain a detailed record of training progress automatically. Also, it can customize workout reminders, animation guides, detailed videos, and even graphical presentations of weight trends. Those interested in bodybuilding, strength training, and home workouts can readily download this app.

Pros Cons
√ It comes with coach tips. × The pro version can be costly.
√ Intuitive progress charts.
√ Different training plans.

9. FitNotes

FitNotes - Gym Workout Log
FitNotes - Gym Workout Log
Developer: James Gay
Price: Free

This is another fitness tracker app that you should not miss on your Android phone. One advantage of this app is that it works offline. Therefore, you do not need the internet to use it. Also, you do not need to create an account to start using it.

Besides this, FitNotes is highly customizable. It works for both cardio and resistance exercises. This app also comes with a calendar for workout planning. Its user interface is serviceable and appealing. You will be surprised to note that it supports cloud backups with Google Drive and Dropbox. This makes it a better fitness app compared to others of its caliber.

Pros Cons
√ It is highly customizable. × The premium version is costly.
√ This app includes a calendar for planning your workout.
√ It has a user-friendly interface.

10. Stronglifts 5X5

StrongLifts Weight Lifting Log
StrongLifts Weight Lifting Log

Over one million people have installed this app. This app is said to be one of the most effective workout planners out there. One advantage of this app is that if offers a wide variety of services from exercise timers to weight lifting. It also has other intuitive features that can fascinate you. Here, the exercises normally range from amateur to fully-fledged bodybuilder.

If you are a fan of strength training and weightlifting, this app is the best option for you. Since this app comes with a simple and elegant design, you can trust that you will enjoy an interactive workout. This app is able to keep a record of reps, sets, and even weights lifted.

This data can then be presented in a graph so that users can manage to track the improvement easily. Also, you are likely to come across different videos illustrating how you should carry out some workouts. This way you will be able to learn what you should do for better results.

There is an add-free version that can offer excellent results, more than even the gym. However, you need to buy this version. It can readily be purchased for 3, 6, or 1 year.

Pros Cons
√ It is simple and easy to use. × Free-version has many ads.
√ This app comes with an interactive workout planner.
√ It shows intuitive graphs and progression.


Your health and fitness should not be taken for granted. Consider installing these apps on your Android device and you will be able to maintain a healthy lifestyle even when you are at home. This will enable you to have a strong and healthy body. Consider these apps today in 2024 and you will not be frustrated.

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