5 Best iOS Emulators For PC (Run iOS Apps) Free Download

ios-apps-on-pc-macThe demand for iPhone emulators from PC users is growing more and more. The aim is to use the computer as if it were a real iPhone.

These emulators are particularly requested by the developers of applications for iOS systems and allow them to work comfortably from the computer and to do all the necessary runs and tests.

The iOS emulators for Windows and Mac allow you to use all applications that are on the Apple Store, regardless of whether your device runs on Windows or Mac.

But an iPhone emulator for PC/Mac could also be useful for those who want to record what appears on the screen of the iOS device or share it with others. You may have an iPhone or iPad and want to use the same applications you use on the devices on a larger screen. Or, perhaps, you do not have Apple devices and you want to use applications available on the Apple Store. These are just some of the many reasons why you might need to use an iOS simulator for PC.


There are different types of simulators and emulators that allow you to use the applications meant for iPhone and iPad on your PC. In this article, we will see the most used, the simplest and the most powerful apps that can perform this task.

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List of the best iOS emulators for PC

1. iPadian – The most popular iOS emulator

The first PC iOS emulator on this list is iPadian. This is the popular software that allows using iPhone and iPad applications on PC.

The interface is among the simplest and is undoubtedly one of the most powerful iOS emulators.

iPadian allows the use of iMessage and Siri on PC as well as allowing you to use all the Apple Store App.

Download iPadian

2. Air iPhone Emulator – Another popular iOS emulator

Air iPhone Emulator allows you to use iOS applications on Windows PC without problems. It is an excellent alternative to iPadian. It allows you to download and run all the apps in the Apple Store.

Download Air iPhone Emulator

3. iPhone Simulator – iOS emulator to try out the iPhone interface

This is the best iOS simulator for PC. iPhone Simulator allows you to emulate the iPhone interface and try all the default applications on the device. This is very useful if you’re going to buy an iPhone but you’ve never used one before. It gives you the real feel of how the iPhone software work.

Download iPhone Simulator

4. Smartface – The perfect iOS emulator for developers

The ultimate iOS emulator for Windows PC is Smartface. It is an iOS emulator that, in addition to allowing you to use all the iOS applications on Windows, helps developers to test the app thanks to several debugging options. In fact, it allows you to simply scan the app Smartface.

Download Smartface

5. MobiOneStudio – One of the best cross-platform apps

This is another iOS emulator that can help developers test their applications on cross platforms. It also allows you to play on your computer without a hitch and create cross-platform applications in minutes. The only disadvantage is that it is not very intuitive to use and the free demo version lasts only 15 days.

Download MobiOneStudio

The best iPhone emulators for Mac

1. App.io

This is the easiest Mac software solution for anyone who wants to test iOS apps. All you need to do is load the iOS app on App.io and then do all the tests you want directly on the Mac. It also supports PCs and Android phones. Unfortunately, it is not a free service.

Download App.io

2. Appetize.io

This is a service similar to App.io. It gives you the freedom to deploy applications in the cloud and then use them on other platforms to see how they work. It also provides a live iOS demo.

Download Appetize.io

3.Xamarin Testflight

This is another useful platform for testing iOS applications. This is related to Apple and offers a platform for testing and running applications.

Download Xamarin Testflight

4. Transmog.Ne

This online emulator allows you to emulate the iPhone to test how you view the various websites on your iOS device. It is free. You can check the website in various screen sizes. It helps to debug your site using Firebug or Chromebug. Lastly, it helps stimulate a touchscreen interface.

With the reviewed software, emulating iOS on Windows and Mac will be a breeze.

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