How to Choose the Best Productivity Beast of Mobile in 2024?

best-productivity-phones-2021Mobile phones are undoubtedly an essential part of our lives now. In fact, we have almost every crucial information stored in our smartphones. It helps us navigate through life in a better and easier way. Since the pandemic, we have been spending more time doing business through mobile devices. Naturally, the demand for better-performing mobiles is on the rise. And there are multiple brands competing to be the number one.

To avoid any mishaps in selecting the best mobile for productivity, we have put together some features to look for. If I had to increase my chances of being productive, I’d gladly sell my mobile to buy a new one. So carefully check for these features before buying a new mobile for your work. Also, it has now become extremely easy to sell the old mobile phone in the UK without having to worry much. You can even sell broken mobile phones and get cash in return.

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Must-have features for productivity

1. Multitasking capabilities:

As a working professional, you need to get your social life as well as work-life going simultaneously. Not just that, working on multiple apps at the same time is a must for some tasks. So make sure the mobile you choose has multitasking capabilities.

Recommendations: iPhone 11 Pro Max, Huawei P30 Pro, Samsung Galaxy Note 10 Plus.


2. Wireless charging:

Wireless charging is probably one of the best innovations in the last few years. Most successful smartphones of 2023 have wireless charging capabilities. This innovative feature saves a lot of your productive time while managing to look stylish.

Recommendations: Samsung Galaxy S21 Series, Xiaomi Mi 11 series, iPhone 12 series.

3. Automated responses:

When you are busy enjoying your personal life, you need to make sure that your clients do not go unattended. The ability to respond automatically makes it possible for you to inform your clients about your whereabouts. Furthermore, ensure that your mobile has the option to divert the calls to a landline phone. It greatly reduces the occurrence of unanswered calls.

4. Cooling technology:

Mobile phones heating up is an inconvenience for you and your work. But in the last few years, we cannot seem to have a mobile that doesn’t heat up. Luckily, some brands have started incorporating cooling techniques to keep your mobile cool. Overheating also affects performance, so keeping the temperatures in check is a good way to avoid productivity shortcomings.

5. Sturdy hardware:


Strong material means a drop won’t kill your productivity for the day. Always choose a mobile that has a sturdy build and corning gorilla glass protection. While looking for a durable design, make sure that you do not compromise for the comfort of handling your mobile device. So you don’t end up wondering “Should I sell my mobile?” in the first days of buying it.

6. Good battery life:

A long-lasting battery is all a mobile user could wish for in 2023. The mobile you choose must not only have a good battery capacity but should also provide fast charging options. So that the huge battery capacity doesn’t take a lot of time to fill up.

7. Best network contract:

If you are going for a locked mobile, be diligent in finding the carrier that offers good value. Most operations require an internet connection. You must be thinking about having an excellent Wi-Fi connection. And you do not need data packs. However, having a good data pack as a backup will help you maintain your productivity levels.

8. Connectivity:

Here, connectivity refers to the ability to connect to multiple devices. For example, you can carry out a presentation by directly connecting it to a projector via wireless methods. You will not need multiple adaptors or a laptop to connect to the projector. Plus, connectivity lets you show your flexibility.

9. Spacious storage:

Cloud storage is amazing. But sometimes you just need internal storage to keep your performance up to par. Insufficient storage can sometimes reduce the speed of your devices. Hence, find a device that has a good internal storage capacity. So that the number of apps that you install does not clutter your storage.

10. Display:

Ensure that you grab a mobile that has a larger aspect ratio. It will significantly reduce the struggle in composing an email through mobile phones.


Make it your top priority to balance everything with your budget since smartphones are rapidly evolving. A phone that is top-notch in features today might not be the same tomorrow. So whenever you buy a mobile, be sure to check for upcoming models that might make yours irrelevant.

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