Top 5 Best Tech Websites for Techy Geeks In 2024

best-tech-websites-for-techy-geeksThe revolution in technology has led to immense changes that you see in the day to day modern-day living. Now and then you will be sure to witness several technological updates from technological departments. Technology has made life easier, and that is why you will see many tech gurus always coming up with products that will help make life easier.

If you love the tech niche, you will always strive to look for the latest information on the latest tech updates. While this is very wise, it should be noted that there are also scammer tech websites that cannot be trusted. To ensure that you always have the right information when it comes to technological advancements, you must ensure that you read more on tech websites. At the moment, numerous tech websites keep arising day after day, and you might be confused about which one to choose.

A good tech website like Nedget will provide you with the most recent tech news and reviews to ensure that you are always up to date with the latest information. Here in this article, we will be lighting up on five of the best tech websites for all techy geeks.

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1. TechCrunch


The first site on our list is TechCrunch. It is considered one of the most popular tech websites on the internet today. The website ensures that it provides quality information about tech updates and news to its readers. TechCrunch includes information on the latest technology news and upcoming products too.

The site is suspected to be so popular thanks to the over 50,000 contributors who are very active in improving the website. This website covers publications on tech innovation, funding updates, and product launches, among other types of information. The most popular page on this website is the Crunch base.

The page talks about major tech companies and also startups. If you are interested in knowing more about a particular technology company, Crunch base is the page you would visit. The page consists of company profiles that talk about a company’s financial information, which includes even the funds that the company received.

The profile will also consist of the company’s headquarters, and also the names of the founders. There are hundreds of tech companies highlighted by Crunch Base all thanks to TechCrunch as a significant website. Also, if you are interested in viewing tech events around the globe, then TechCrunch is the perfect website for you. The sites host tech events from time to time which is also a way of educating people more on technology.

The publication was founded by Archimedes ventures in 2005. The founders at that time were two partners, namely; Michael Arrington and Mr. Keith Teare. Later in 2010 AOL acquired the publication for $25 million. In 2008, TechCrunch started an award-winning platform known as Crunchies, where startups, technology, and internet innovations were awarded. Unfortunately, some controversies were surrounding Crunchies and so in 2017 TechCrunch ended Crunchies.

2. TheNextWeb


The other site on our list is the TheNextWeb site. A site for technological news and tech conferences. If you are a big fan of tech conferences, then TheNextWeb website is the perfect website for you. The TNW conferences deal with technology festivals that bring together startups, different innovation ideas, and top-tier investors, among others.

The TNW conference is what has made the publication to be so popular among tech people. The conference is said to have grown from a group of 200 people to 20,000 people who attend the conference year after year.

The TNW flagship event is an investor event that brings investors from around the globe. The investors will mostly come and take a look at technological innovations or ideas and invest in them. Small startups can also benefit from this event. If you are a tech geek who has a promising venture, then this is the right event for you. The event looks to bring the right groups together.

At the TNW flagship event, you will also be given a chance to speak if you are a technology speaker. If your application as a speaker goes through, you will be allowed to speak at the event and share your visions and ideas. The publication is also looking forward to handling some of the current human challenges that include human intelligence, sustainable food development, transport, and digital products, among many other challenges. All these challenges will be solved with the help of technology.

Thenextweb website is the perfect site to know about the upcoming tech events that will quench your tech thirst. The website also provides information on popular app updates, thus allowing you to be up to date with the new updates and app improvements.

3. TechRadar


TechRadar is an online publication that mainly focuses on technology to provide news and reviews. Here, you can trust that you get more information regarding different tech products out there and thereby manage to make a good decision before buying them. This online publication was launched in 2008. TechRadar is the short form for Technology Radar. It describes the current and future technology developments or trends.

You will note that TechRadar is owned by Future plc which is the largest publisher in the United Kingdom. It provides state-of-the-art overviews regarding ICT and related applications that have been developed to be used by makers. Thin this online publication, you will see the trending page where you will find a list of trends that are relevant to the maker movement currently available on the radar. When reading about the trend, all the technologies that are associated with the trend are normally shown on the Radar with scores on different dimensions and future development indicated with faded dots.

You will see the platform page that allows you to navigate and search the available platforms on the radar. Here, you can opt to look for specific technologies or platforms such as team collaboration, product commercialization, and so on. Lastly, the Radar page usually has a visual presentation that is based on the categorizations and dimensions scores presented in the other two sections. The purpose of this page is mainly for research.

However, you are at liberty to explore it. The good news is that this page is fully interactive and users here can group or filter by a category, certain dimension, and so forth. Also, the user can add or change filters the way he or she pleases. If you are tech-savvy, this site is there to make have a wonderful experience when looking for different tech products.

4. Gizmodo


If you are a fan of design, technology science, and science fiction, this site is there for you. Initially, this site was launched as part of the Gawker Media network which was run by Nick Denton. It is worth noting that this platform normally included subsite io9 which focuses mainly on science fiction and futurism.

This blog was launched in 2002 and was initially edited by Peter Rojas who was later recruited by Weblogs Inc. to launch a similar tech blog known as Engadget. It is worth noting that by mid-2004, Gizmodo and Gawker together were yielding a revenue of about $6500 monthly through advertising. Nowadays, if you want to remain updated with the current happening when it comes to technology, you should browse this site. Here you will get gadget-related news and guides which makes it one of the best sites for gadget lovers. This can help you make better decisions and know how to use different gadgets out there. This can help you enjoy more convenience in the long run.

5. TechSpot


Chances are, you have heard about this site in the recent past. First, you will note that this is a leading computer and technology publication that was established in 1998. This online publication is normally read by thousands of power users, tech enthusiasts, gamers, IT decision-makers, and so on. This is home to over 8 million readers monthly.

The good news is that this site normally delivers breaking tech news that you can find anywhere out there. Also, it provides an analysis of different devices for enthusiasts who crave technical depth and want to learn more about the latest digital trends. This platform normally has blogged about different tech products and also guides on how to use different gadgets. Tech guides can help you have an easy time especially if you have bought a certain gadget for the first time.

Also, this prevents the chances of damaging a gadget unaware when it is new to you. If you need software recommendations, this site is there for you. You will get several recommendations regarding a certain software or program. If you are looking for a certain product on this platform, you will see an array of features outlined well for you. It is true to say that this site is ideal for tech enthusiasts at heart. There are many active discussions that are posted on a daily basis. This can help you get more insights regarding a certain device or software.



If you have been struggling to look for tech information online, these sites are the ultimate solutions for you. You will not only see blogs about these products but also pics of different gadgets. You will be able to see discussions of different people and this can help you make a better decision. You will get news about different products and software more efficiently. The good news is that most of the information you will find here has been verified. This means that you will be able to read facts while browsing these platforms.

All you need to do is to visit these platforms and then search for the product or software that you want to know about. Most products here have been reviewed in the past and therefore, you will be able to get more information about them. The guides will help you know what to check when buying a certain product and how to use them. These include tips and so on. Everything here will is normally explained step by step for you. This way, you will be able to know how to use the product seamlessly.

Lastly, you will get tricks on how to use different products or programs. For the programs, you will know the devices that are compatible with them and so on. Before you decide to invest in any product or program, check different reviews on these platforms and probably any news regarding the gadget or software of your choice. This will help you get more insights and also enable you to get value for your money. Visit these sites today and you will have a wonderful tech experience.

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