Top 5 Best Android Video Editing Apps In 2024 (Free Download)

If you want your Android device to give you the best final video clips, you have to use one of the best video editors for Android. Your chosen video editor for your Android is the device controller, controlling the putting-up of the video pieces together. It will get involved in the systematic selection and combination of your shots into sequences. It will also add any accompanying music and sound effects, to finally come up with a professionally finished video show.

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List of the Best Video Editors for Your Android & PC (Windows & Mac)


1. KineMaster Video Editor for Android

This video editor application got primarily built for Android and iOS devices. It comes with powerful tools capable of creating high-quality and professional videos. These easy-to-use tools include blending modes, chroma key, transitions, subtitles, speed control, voiceovers, multiple video layers, and special effects.

Using the KineMaster video editor, you can do almost anything you want with your videos. You can do trimming by frame to produce ultra-precise effects and transitions. The KineMaster videos can also get shared with social media platforms such as Google+, Facebook, YouTube, and extra. That’s one way for professionals to reach a wider audience.

Main Features and Benefits

-Multi-layers Support: The editor supports audio, handwriting, images, texts, videos, and audio layers. That has the added benefit of letting editors achieve the final effects they had in mind.

-Recording in Real-time: Users can modify or add effects whether the recording process gets completed or not. You do the same thing with audio.

-Sharing in social media: The ability to share is one of the best qualities of KineMaster. Professionals who wish to showcase their creativity to the public benefit much.

-Adjustment Features: You can adjust brightness, hue, and other settings. That allows you to come up with what you initially visualized.

Download KineMaster for Android

Download KineMaster for PC with BlueStacks App Player


2. Inshot Video Editor for Android

This editor for your Android device is an excellent video editing application that allows you to enhance your raw video clips for uploading to Instagram. It will also allow you to edit your video as a whole and then save the final clip into your device memory.

The editor comes with a lot of features giving you many possibilities. It’s possible to flip and rotate your images. That feature isn’t available in most other applications. You can also trim your clips, apply filters, add music, add text, and emojis. On top of that, it’s possible to adjust brightness and saturation.

Main Features and Benefits

The Inshot has loads of features with the main ones as follows:

-Video Adjustments: It comes with a video trimmer, cutter, and splitter. You can trim and cut your videos and even do cropping to export in HD quality.

-Merging and Joining: It’s possible to combine different clips into one. Using these functions, you can make final videos for Instagram and YouTube.

-Adding Filters and Adjustments: You can add filters and some full effects like stop motion. The editor avails you of the function to adjust brightness, saturation, and contrast.

-Adding Effects: This function allows you to add effects such as fire and glitch.

Download InShot for Android

Download InShot for PC


3. VivaVideo Video Editor for Android

This VivaVideo editor will support you well when you want to make a well-edited video. With this editor, you can make your video montage on your Android device directly. The easy-to-navigate menu gives you the option of direct recording from the application or doing it in the montage phase. Taking the second option prompts you to make your choice as to the images and videos you want to transfer.

After making the selection, make use of the editor’s available tools such as cut and paste, add transitions, and filters. Finally, you can share your finished videos with social media sites such as YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, and others.

Main Features and Benefits

These are some of the main features:

-High Quality and Powerful Editor: In terms of performance the editor outstands more than most. It provides us the ability to edit videos quickly and fast using the slow-motion editing function.

-Camera Lenses: It gives you multiple lens options, including College, Selfie, FX, Funny, and Music videos. There’re nine special lenses available for use.

-Slideshow Maker: This’s a valuable feature that makes you convert photos into movies using the slideshow functionality.

-Video Collage: The VivaVideo comes with the ability to allow you to collage your video.

Download VivaVideo for Android

Download VivaVideo for PC via Android Emulator


4. VideoShow Video Editor for Android

This VideoShow editor avails you with a simple and easy-to-use video editing application with perfect results. Using it, you have the tools to make simple adjustments to your videos like creating fun movies and others. You will have the opportunity to take up any video from your Android device and then apply differing filters. You achieve warm and cooling effects.

Main Features and Benefits

-Pictures Making Features: Using the editor, you can create images imported from your gallery. Then proceed to add fun filters and background music from your device. The application offers you fonts and text styles that you can use to make artistic subtitles.

-Clip Editing: There are so many things you can do with the clip editing tool. You can use it to merge, split, trim, reverse, rotate, collage clips or videos, edit, duplicate, and blur your video clips. The fast and slow-motion functionality allows you to control video clip speed. You can also add sound effects to make it lively.

Download VideoShow for Android

Download VideoShow for PC


5. FilmoraGO Video Editor for Android

This video editing application is quite powerful and lets you come up with brainy compositions using available clips from your device. It’s quite an easy editor to work with as it has many assorted tools. You have a transition function, adding music tracks, and adding themes. You can share your finished work with social media platforms.

Main Features and BENEFITS

-Photo and Video Mix: You can use the application’s available options to import photos and video clips for YouTube, FaceBook, and Instagram. You can then view the imported clips in real time.

-Available Music: The editor has a library of licensed songs that you can add for effect.

-Superb Editing Tools: It comes with all the known editing tools like slow/fast motion function, duplicate, mute, deletes, rotate, and trim by duration.

-An All-in-One Editor: It has all the tools to perform all known functions in video editing. You can play in reverse, add transitions, overlays, and filters, add text and titles, and add elements.

Download FilmoraGo for Android

Download FilmoraGo for Windows/Mac


The products, as mentioned above, feature some of the best tools available to edit your video. They make your editing work easy and fast. You need to get your raw video file and then apply the said tools, and you have a fantastic finished video.

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