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bot-changer-vpn-for-pc-nedgetBlueStacks emulator is the application that helps turn your PC into a literal Android phone. This allows you to interact with great apps that otherwise you need your phone to access. It can help you save on the budget of buying multiple gadgets or during the times of emergency for instance when you have lost your phone. Some of those essential apps that you need in your BlueStacks is Bot Changer VPN for PC. In this article, we shall learn how to download and install it.

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About Bot Changer VPN

For newbies, VPN is an abbreviation of Virtual Private Networks which refers to a technology that enables users to securely and privately, send and receive data across a public or private network.

Bot changer VPN is one of those VPN apps that are regarded as the best yet free. With this app, you get 100% unlimited VPN services without any registration. The app allows browsing the web with anonymous identity while encrypting your privacy. You can also change your location virtually such that you can access some location restricted services while your real IP address is hidden. It also gives you security for your data like bank cards and passwords ensuring no tracking and hacking through the web.

In connection to that, when you decide to use BlueStacks as your ‘phone’ you still need the app for your internet privacy while on BlueStacks. The procedure for downloading the app for Windows has no difference with any other operating system.

Additionally, downloading the app will let you interact with other 1M+ users where some of them have rated the app as the best with a rating of 4.5/5. The app is a small-sized 9.6 MBs meaning it will not consume lots of your memory.

How to download Bot Changer VPN for computer

1. Download and install BlueStacks from here, double-click on the BlueStacks icon to launch it on PC.
2. Once it is launched, click on my apps, this is the blue icon labeled ‘Apps’ at the left upper corner.
3.Double click on Google play store to launch it.
4. Under the search bar, type ‘Bot changer VPN-Free VPN proxy & Wi-fi security’.
5. Hit enter on your keyboard.

Bot-Changer-VPN-PC-Download-Via-BlueStacks6. You will get search results with the Bot changer VPN being at the top.
7. It has a unique logo like a heart-shaped shield labeled ‘Bot changer VPN’ inside, thus it is easy to recognize.
8. Click on it to open the full installation page.
9. Click on the install button.
10. The download will start with its speed varying with the strength of your internet.

It is therefore advisable to be connected to faster internet to avoid frustration from such a small download package.

How to set up the app

1. Click on Google sign up in order to authorize and sync your details that could be on your Android phone.
2. Enter your email address and password.
3. If you use a two-step verification process, you should have the device where the security code is sent.
4. Once sign up is complete, the download will automatically be successful.
5. You can launch your Bot changer VPN for the computer and check and do several quick configurations to personalize. However, registration is not mandatory.


Please remember to optimize your hard disk and clear unwanted apps since BlueStacks is a heavy application consuming around 2GB of your space. This can prevent your device from hanging or operating slowly.

Moreover, always download only apps that are necessary for you for the better speed of your BlueStacks. Also, it is important to get back to Google play store and rate the app and leave feedback for improvement and other potential user’s confidence.

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