How To Install CandyLink VPN On Your PC (Windows 7, 8, 10)

candylink-vpn-for-pc-windows-macInternet security has become a significant issue over the years. In order to prevent the leaking of internet data, it should be shielded properly. One of the methods of shielding the internet data is by using a VPN (Virtual Private Network). In addition to providing you security, VPN also allows you to access the content which is restricted in your region. Today we are going to talk about one of the best VPN out there, which is CandyLink VPN.

CandyLink VPN, as mentioned earlier, is an application that allows you to connect to various VPN networks. A great thing about CandyLink VPN is that it is one of the very few VPN apps that provide VPN client software for the establishment of the connection. With that in mind, let’s see some of its features.

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Features of CandyLink VPN


√ Excellent speed

CandyLink VPN offers tremendous internet speed when you establish a connection to it. Most of the VPNs drop down your internet speed after connecting to them, but CandyLink VPN minimizes that possibility to a great extent.

√ Safe to use

CandyLink VPN is one of the most reliable VPNs available for the mobile phone. Once you connect to the VPN, your data will be shielded by the application. Mainly it excels when you are connected public WiFi in securing your data.

√ Anonymity

CandyLink VPN effectively hides your IP address. It is quite convenient as it prevents exposure of your personal information to hackers, especially when you are playing online multiplayer games. Furthermore, by changing the IP address via the app, you can access content that is restricted in your area by using a proxy server.

That’s about some major features of CandyLink VPN; besides that, there are numerous benefits of using this application, which is listed below.

√ One-touch connection

The user interface of this application isn’t much complex. In order to establish a connection to the network, all you have to do is click on a candy icon on the screen. After some seconds, it will select the most suitable server and connect to it.

√ Versatility

CandyLink VPN offers servers of various countries. Bulgaria, Netherlands, and Poland are few of them, while Germany, Sweden, and a bit more can be accessed by getting a premium membership.

√ Unlimited bandwidth speed

Usually, the speed of the internet is limited by using a VPN, but with CandyLink VPN, you can actually get unlimited bandwidth speed, but for that, you will have to get premium membership.

Pros and Cons of the CandyLink VPN


  • It is easier to use.
  • It comes up with stealth mode.
  • A cool dark theme is available.
  • It has a free three day trial for premium use.
  • It is ad-free.


  • Some of the features can only be accessed by getting a premium membership.

Installation on PC

CandyLink VPN is built to be used on mobile phones, but it doesn’t restrict its usage to mobile phones. By using a catalyst in the form of the emulator, it is possible to use the application on the PC itself. Let’s see how you can do that.

1. Very first, you’ll have to install a suitable emulator on your PC. There are numerous options like BlueStacks, Nox, etc., but since BlueStacks is most stable, we will go with it.

2. Download Bluestacks by visiting its official website. Once downloading begins, wait for some time.

3. When downloading is complete, open the file from the target folder (in usual cases downloads folder).

4. The installation window will appear, complete the installation and launch BlueStacks.


5. There will be a play store icon on the screen, click on it.

6. In the search box type “CandyLink VPN” and it will show the app once you find the application click on Install.

7. There’s an alternate way of installing CandyLink VPN to your PC. In this method, you will have to download the apk file of this application. To download, go to any legitimate site which allows downloading of apk on your web browser and download apk of CandyLink VPN.

8. In the home screen, click on the APK tab and select the apk you just downloaded.

9. In this way, you will now be able to run CandyLink VPN on PC.


1. Is CandyLink VPN safe to use?

Yes. The application doesn’t collect data in any form. Encryption is laid down in order to prevent the leaking of your personal information when you use the application.

2. How to change the virtual location?

There is a symbol of the flag on the top right of the screen, click on it, and you will find servers from various countries. Click on any of the servers you wish to switch to.

3. What is the difference between CandyLink VPN and CandyLink VPN Premium?

The primary features are all the same. Premium version has some additional features like a dark theme, more number of servers, and unlimited bandwidth speed.

4. How to get a premium membership?

On the menu, click on ‘Buy Premium’ and then click on ‘Choose premium subscription plan’. Currently, there are three plans that you can choose from.


So this is all about CandyLink VPN. This application has great potential to ensure the protection of your personal information as you access and submerge into unknown territories on the internet. If you are currently looking for a mobile phone VPN to cope up with your security requirements, it is highly recommended to get CandyLink VPN. You can start using it and get to know if it fulfills your requirement. If it works out well, you can even get the premium membership.

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