Best Way to Install CM Transfer Program on your Windows PC

cm-transfer-for-pc-mac-windows-7-8-10-free-downloadCM Transfer – Share Files is an application that you can use to transfer various files (such as music, pictures, videos, and apps) among smartphones.

To this end, it is necessary that both devices have the CM duly Transfer installed. The two devices must also be connected to the same WiFi network so that data is transferred correctly.

For example, you want to go through the pictures of the party for the smartphone. The two must open the CM Transfer – Share Files simultaneously and that is sending the file should press the button “Send File”. At the same time, the other user must touch the button “Receive File”.

The devices will communicate and try to find on the net, then who is to receive the file should accept it when the notification message appears.

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Sending files quickly

After a few moments the document is received and ready, the process is terminated successfully. At certain times, faults may occur in communication between the devices and you must repeat the procedure a few times for him to be successful. Of course, the heavier the longer it will take to transfer files.

If you wish, you can view in the upper left corner the smartphone file submissions, images, videos, music, or apps. According to the developer, the transfers by CM Transfer are 80 times faster than the traditional Bluetooth.

Download Free CM Transfer for PC

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