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creative-destruction-for-pc-windows-macHow to play Creative Destruction on your computer

Have you ever heard about the Creative Destruction game in the past? You will note that this is a mobile game that has had over 5 million downloads since it was released. The good news with this game is that it combines the fun of building and the thrill of combat. Here, gamers can create or destroy items on the battlefield as they fight others.

Creative Destruction normally brings the unending fun of the battle royal genre both on your mobile device and PC. All this is inspired by Fortnite, where up to 100 players fight to survive on an island that is full of weapons. Just like other royale games, only one person should be left standing. This should be the case unless you are playing in teams where only 4 players can win at a time.

When playing this game, you can use your main weapon to get resources from the setting, breaking into and tearing down whatever you might come across. These include buildings, trees, cars, and so on. With these resources, you will be able to build all sorts of structures. These structures include ramps, roofs, walls, and so on. If you are sharp enough, you can create some spectacular structures within a few seconds.

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Creative Destruction Hacks

When playing this game, there are some tricks that you should have at your fingertips. These include:

1. Aim for the landing spot that is packed with buildings

Once you become a passenger on the Creative Destruction’s airborne vessel, you should tap on the map and then look at the area that is least populated by buildings. After choosing your destination, you can then skydive into the location that has many weapons and gears. Remember that everyone might have the same idea in their minds.

Upon hitting the ground, make a beeline for any nearby building, and then arm yourself as fast as possible. The quicker you are on the draw, the higher the chances of eliminating a few players during the earlier moments of the match. For instance, if you can land and you end up all by yourself, you should take a few moments to use your destructor and then earn yourself some pieces of building material.

Thereafter, you can switch up things by stacking up weapons, ammo, and so on. You need to have enough building materials and defensive items on the deck for hunting later long.

2. Check your compass

When playing this game, you should utilize the compass that is on top of your screen. It will tell you a character’s orientation in relation to the map. Also, it will tell you where the sounds are coming from. If the enemy is walking by, you will be able to see an icon with footprints on your screen. When he is a few meters away, it will turn yellow. If the enemy is right beside you, it will turn red. Gunfire will also be marked on the compass. Here, you will see a pistol icon if someone is shooting.

3. Utilize the Bastions wisely

You will note that the building aspect of Creative Destruction can be used in numerous ways. For instance, you can use it to shield yourself from an ambush. Also, you can use it to create a tower. Here you will place them on top of each other. This makes it ideal as a sniping spot for you. You can place it on top of an existing building for a better view.

4. Find the best equipment

Remember that not all gears are created equally. Once you land, your priority should be to find the best equipment that will work well for you. Here, weapons are usually color-coded based on their strength. If you want to use the strongest weapons, you should gold ones. Besides gold, you will find other weapons whose colors are white, blue, green, and purple.

The stronger weapons are usually hiding somewhere in chests. Your compass can guide you to know where the chest is. Here, you will find a shiny icon that shows a chest nearby. You can also utilize grenades, energy shields, first aid kits, and other items that can help you survive.

5. Stay in the safe zone

The good news is that this game will teach you how to spot the safe zone. It is always advisable to remain in the safe zone. A good idea here is to stay in the outer circle of the safe zone to wait for any players who might be running away from the storm. Here, you can choose any runner as they are likely to be damaged and easy to kill. As you do this, you should be careful as there might be other players with the same idea.

How to Download Creative Destruction for PC

If you want to play this game on a larger interface, you should download it on your PC. All you need to do is to download an Android emulator first and then download this game. Here, we shall use the BlueStacks emulator. The following are the steps that you should follow:

1. Download and install the Bluestacks emulator on your PC from the link below.


2. Launch the emulator.

3. On the home screen of this emulator, you will see Google Play Store.

4. Log in your Google details and then search for Creative destruction.

5. Click install and this app will be installed on the Bluestacks emulator.

6. Open the game and start playing it.

Creative Destruction FAQs

Is Creative Destruction available on PC?

Yes. This game is available for PC. All that you need to do is to download an Android emulator for your PC and then download this game. It will work perfectly well, just as it would on your phone.

Is Creative Destruction safe?

Yes. This game is safe for downloading. It has been tried and tested in the past. Therefore, you can readily download it on your computer and play it.

Besides Bluestacks, is there any other emulator that I can use to download Creative Destruction for PC?

Yes. Besides the Bluestacks, you can use the Nox app player. It is also an Android emulator that can enable this game to run on PC optimally.


Creative Destruction is an excellent game that more or less lives up to all other games in its caliber. You will have fun when playing this game on your computer. Consider the above-mentioned hacks and you will have a wonderful experience when playing this game. The creative Destruction game is truly incredible.

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