How To Setup CryptoTab Browser Pro On Your PC (Windows & Mac)

cryptotab-browser-pro-for-pcMining cryptos has become another way people are making money from the internet these days from the comfort of their homes. Mining is made even easier because now you can browse the internet as you mine and earn cryptos.

CryptoTab browser lets you browse the internet at super-fast speeds and lets you mine while at it. The browser is free to download too. CryptoTab is the world’s best browser that allows mine cryptocurrency and much more features.

The app is compatible with any device, and you can download it on both your Android device or Mac and Windows computers. In this article, we discuss more the CryptoTab app and browser and how it works.

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CryptoTab Browser Features

Below are some features that make the Crypto tab browser more unique compared to other browsers.


Security and filters – CryptoTab browser has some security features that will enable you to be safe while mining or browsing. For instance, the app will safely store your data and passwords, ensuring that no unauthorized person gets access to your data. The browser also has filters that filter out IP addresses, malware extensions suspected to be unsafe further to protect you from online fraud and online dangers.

Customizable UI – with Cryptab browser, you can easily access the UI tabs and windows. You can also customize the platform’s interface to your preferences. You can easily drag and drop tabs on the UI if you want. You can group them or even pin them anywhere you want on the screen. You can do all of these by using widgets, and you can also use visual bookmarks.

Address bar – the browser has a designated address bar that allows you to accomplish other tasks. With the address, you can search the web, and you can add or access bookmarks. You can also use the address bar to send web links to other devices and check the websites’ safety status.

Search – with this feature, and you can decide to do a private and secure search. The private and secure search allows you to browse the web with no tracking data left behind for online frauds. From the search feature, you can choose your most preferred search engine.

Mining features – the main core of this browser is the dedicated inbuilt mining features that you can use to mine bitcoins. With this browser, you can link up multiple devices so that you mine more and subsequently earn more. With the platform, you can also withdraw funds with no limits whatsoever. You can also join the CryptoTab affiliate program that enables you to earn extra cash using the browser.

Cloud boost – the cloud boost feature allows users to mine even faster and link up devices that will enable them to mine faster and earn more as well.

Why choose the CryptoTab browser

There are many reasons why millions of people have discovered and are starting to enjoy using the platform.

  • Earn while you surf the web

To earn while mining with CryptoTab, you only need to activate the mining tab. After activating it, you can continue browsing the internet, watching videos, reading articles, and so much more while you leave the browser to do the rest for you. This will help you earn your first bitcoin using the browser. The Cryptotab’s mining algorithm does all the mining work for you as you sit back and browse the internet.

  • The fastest mining algorithm

The mining algorithm allows you to mine as fast as you can without interfering with the activities going on with the browser. Your browsing speeds will not be affected by the inbuilt mining algorithm. You can also choose to speed up the mining algorithm by simply enabling the cloud boost feature that boosts the speed of the mining feature. The cloud boost features fasten mining 10 times, but if you feel that the speed is not enough, you can enable the super boost feature that is even faster than the cloud boost.

  • Switch to CryptoTab browser in a single click

You might be worried that you will lose your personal data while on the transition. You don’t have to worry, and the browser will help you transfer your bookmarks, history, or passwords in a single click, thus replacing your old browser.

  • Continue using your Chrome extensions on the CryptoTab browser

If the main reason for you is to lose the Chrome extension privileges, then worry not. The CryptoTab browser will still allow you to continue using your Chrome extensions.

  • Use the CryptoTab browser on all of your devices

CryptoTab browser is available for all of your devices. Suppose you need the Windows version; you only need to download it from the official website of the CryptoTab browser. If you want it on your smartphone device, you can get the app from Google Play Store.

  • Things you need to know about the CryptoTab browser

There are a few things you need to know about this excellent browser before you start using it. The first thing is that the browser currently has over 100,000 downloads. Having been updated on April 16, 2021, the number of downloads has immensely grown. What does this tell you? It tells you that the platform is trustworthy and reliable, so it has many downloads.

The app is free in some countries, but you will have to pay to download and use the browser on any of your devices in some countries. Once you download it, you will find that there are in-app purchases, each time costing a small amount of cash. However, it is affordable for most people, and considering that you will still get your money back after mining the platform is all worth it.

How To Install CryptoTab Browser Pro On A PC (Windows 7, 8, 10)

Some people would prefer using the CryptoTab Android app on their PCs. Well, downloading the app on your computer will require the help of an Android emulator. An Android emulator such as Bluestacks. You only need to download Bluestacks on your PC, log in to your Google account, visit the Google play store, search for the CryptoTab browser and click install to download the CryptoTab Browser app PC.


Bottom Line

Earning money earning is becoming easy each day. To think that you can earn money while browsing the internet is super impressive. CryptoTab browser for PC is great if you are an experienced miner or only starting to mine using the app.

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