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dmss-app-for-pcDMSS is a mobile surveillance app with functions such as remote monitoring, video playback, push notifications, device initialization, and remote configuration, developed by Hangzhou CE-soft Technology Co. Ltd. In order to be able to download the DMSS app for PC, you will need a Mac or Windows-based computer. If you want to install the app on your Mac, follow these steps:

Navigate to the DMSS website from Safari Browser and click the Download DMSS App icon. Follow instructions on the screen and click the Continue button after every step. If a pop-up window with a security warning appears, read it carefully and then choose the Allow option in order to proceed with the installation of the DMSS app. The DMSS app icon will now appear at the top of your screen in the Finder window toolbar or Dockbar if it is installed on Mac OS X El Capitan or a newer OS version.

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The advantages of the DMSS App are as follows:

Automatic Alarm Recording: Automatically records up to 3 minutes from the time an alarm is triggered by motion detection. This footage can be used for evidence and insurance purposes.


Smart Alarm Recording: Motion sensors are adjusted to ensure that only actual movements trigger alarms, reject false alarms, and conserve battery power.

Smart Detection and Tracking: Backlight compensation intelligently enhances detection in low light conditions. 32x digital zoom provides outstanding detail of what you are viewing. Movement Mapping keeps a record of the history where the movement has been detected, allowing you to see where activity has taken place during the day, week, or month with a click of a button.

Remote Monitoring: Detailed monitoring of a device’s battery, memory usage, and network connections.

Remote Initiation: This allows the DMSS app to perform various functions such as remote configuration and device initialization.

Push Notification: 360° awareness at the push of a button to keep you informed of all your devices’ status.

Alarm Notification: Remotely view, edit, and playback clips from motion sensors or record time-lapse videos on your mobile phone, tablet, or PC from anywhere in the world.

Cloud Storage: Back up & restore your data stored on cloud servers for maximum protection with optional encryption.

Device Management: Manage multiple devices at once for easy configuration and remote monitoring.

How to download and Install the DMSS app for PC?

It is very easy. Just follow the following steps:


  • Go to the DMSS official website to download the DMSS Software;
  • Install the software via Windows-based PC or Mac; Login and add your cameras in this monitored security app;
  • Click the “My Account” button to log on to your account and you can see all devices’ real-time monitor information here, such as live video, playback, etc.;
  • More interestingly, you can also do remote control from anywhere when you access through Android or iOS devices such as iPhone, iPad, and other smartphones.

What kind of security protection is the DMSS app?

Unlike other smart home security systems, the DMSS app has not only become a popular smart home monitoring service but also a valuable tool for many people. Why do you need to choose it?

The advantage of the DMSS app is that it can help you monitor more than one device at an enterprise level, which makes it very convenient for you to manage multiple devices in a single place and also reduce the burden on your side.

This means that you don’t have to think about installing more than one app again and again, just install only one. You’ll feel convenient with this security protection.

What do we need for the DMSS app?

The first thing we need is a device, a smartphone, or a tablet. The second thing we need is to make sure there’s enough space on the devices where we want to put the DMSS app. The third thing is being sure our device has enough battery power to support future use of the DMSS app. Lastly, we need to ensure that our device has already installed the official OS version of Android or iOS.

How to install the DMSS app easily?

It’s very simple for you to install this smart home monitoring app for PC. Follow these steps: Run the DMSS app on your smartphone (Android/iOS); If you want to switch the devices, tap on the “select” icon on the upper right corner of your initial screen; You can also use this smart home monitoring app for PC when you want to monitor a device from anywhere in the world.

What are the functions of this computer security system?

DMSS app has more than 70 functions, including remote monitoring and playback, push notifications, camera initialization, remote configuration, and network monitoring and recording. It has more than 20 powerful features that provide you with total control over every aspect of your devices.

Can we get the DMSS app for free?

You can get the DMSS app for free for the first week if you are a new user. And you can get the DMSS app for free for one month once you become a premium customer. If you are interested in the DMSS app and you want to know more about this computer security system, you can contact our customer service department.

What is the latest version of this computer security system?

The latest version of this computer security system is DMSS v4.6. The latest update was published on 14/11/2017.

What Chinese language versions are available?

DMSS uses simplified Chinese characters in most interfaces, including menus and buttons, because users who don’t understand traditional Chinese often find it easier to use the DMSS app when using their native language. However, there are some custom functions that use traditional characters for clarity and information that drill into details about the function itself.

How to know if there is any problem with our PC?

DMSS software requires an internet connection to work properly. If your PC or laptop has no external Wi-Fi or LAN port, you will see an error message “DMSS requires connectivity”. You may also see an error message like “Connection Error” when you try to access the DMSS website from Safari Browser.


The DMSS app is a smart security system that takes monitoring and protection of your home devices to a new level. Its features allow you to manage, monitor, and manage all your devices in one place. You do not need to install more different apps again, just install the DMSS app. The DMSS app is free for both Android and iOS users.

DMSS App supports all the major platforms available on the market now, including Windows OS, Mac OS X 10.10 or above, Linux (Debian or Red Hat), Android 4.1 or above (Jelly Bean or above), and iOS 7 or above systems including iPhone/iPad/iPod Touch/iPad Mini/iPad Air, etc.

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