How to Download Amaziograph on PC (Windows and Mac)

amaziograph-for-pc-downloadDo you love designing in a whole new modern way? Then Amaziograph is the app for you. Many designers, including professional artists, tattooists, and expert designers, are leveraging the features in Amaziograph to help them create unique designs.

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What is Amaziograph?

This is a drawing app initially developed by Amaziograph LTD. This is considered an
entertainment app for drawing and creating tessellations and mandalas in a whole new and easy way.


The app has been created in such a way that both children and professional artists can use it. Due to this, schools are now using this app to teach children tessellations and symmetries in a more fun way.

Amaziograph interface is straightforward to use; you can mix new colors using the
ones already in the app, among many other fun features. So in simple and few words, Amaziograpg is an app that lets you engage in a new, fun, and innovative world of art.

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Features of Amaziograph app

With this fantastic app, you will be introduced to the world of art in a whole different way. Below are some of the best features that this app has to offer;

Symmetries – there are 11 symmetries in the app, and once you choose any of
them, it will automatically get copied on the canvas. You can also change or add
symmetry depending on what you want to create on the canvas.

Colors – this app also has numerous choices of colors for you to choose from.
Amazingly you can drag one color to another different color to create a new one.
This is a feature that most kids would love, and creative designers would love to
use. The HSCV and the RGB color mixers are available should you need any of

Layers – when working on a masterpiece you can easily separate the work in
various layers to help you while editing.

Canvas – the app provides you with a 4096X4096px of canvas for you to enjoy

Simple interface – The interface is incredibly easy to use, and anyone, as we
mentioned earlier, can freely use it. Don’t worry if you are not good at drawing.
This app doesn’t strictly need a professional artist; you only need to get creative
with the designs and follow the on-screen instructions.

Easy to create a tessellation – the reason why this app is used at school to
teach children tessellation is that creating a perfect tessellation is super
easy. You will only need to choose a graph and start drawing a good tessellation.

You can also use this app alongside other apps as well as export your art pieces in PNG and JPEG formats to share with Amaziograph users.

This app has so many features you can enjoy. However, it should be noted that this
app has a free version and a paid version. With the paid version, you get to enjoy
more features that are not available in the free version.

Frequently asked questions on Amaziograph

A. Can I use the designs I created on Amaziograph for a commercial purpose?

Yes, you can! The art pieces you create on this app are entirely yours and have all the rights to them. The only thing you have to do is to acknowledge the app. Like for instance, if you plan to post the design on Instagram, you should use the
#amaziograph tag.

B. Which stylus can work well with Amaziograph?

While the app doesn’t require you to use any stylus, having one is a total advantage on your side. Amaziograph supports Apple Pencil, which works well with the iPad
model. The app also supports the Logitech crayon, and you can also use a cheap
rubber tip that you already have lying around your home.

C. Feature X is not on the app from my device.

Once new features are developed, they are added to the iPad version first, and they
can take quite some time before they are introduced into the Android or Windows
version. However, always be on the lookout since the Android and the Windows
version are not forgotten.

D. Can I print any of the work in an A4 format?

Yes, you can print any of your artworks in whatever format that you want. To get a
better print, we recommend that you use the canvas presets available in the app.

Amaziograph for PC

Currently, there is no official app for PC, and that is why you will need to use an
Android emulator to download, install, and use the app on your PC.

How to install Amaziograph for Windows and Mac

Follow this instruction to download and install the app on your Windows or Mac

1. You need to download the BlueStacks emulator on your PC from their official
website ( You are free to use any other emulator of your choice, but for this tutorial, we are going to use the BlueStacks emulator.

2. Once the emulator is downloaded on your PC, you can now install it by clicking
on ‘install now,’ and the installation will take some time before it is completed.

3. After the installation is completed, you can now run the BlueStacks emulator on
your computer.

4. On the search box of the emulator, type in Amaziograph, and the app’s details
will show the app, click on it, and it will be automatically installed on your PC.

Final words

Amaziograph is an excellent app for people who are in love with drawing and creating beautiful designs. It doesn’t matter that there are no PC versions. With an Android emulator like BlueStacks, you can easily have it on your PC. It is a fun new way of enhancing your skills and learning different things for children and adults as well.

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