Download and Install SwannView Link for PC (Windows 7, 8, 10, Mac)

download-and-install-swannview-link-for-pc-windows-7-8-10-macThe SwannView Link is one of the amazing applications you can get your hands on. The application is well designed and developed to allow users to modify their network via DVR and NVR. But where do you begin with the installation?

Having a Windows or Mac computer is the first step. Once you have your computer up and running then we can kick-off.

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Installing the BlueStacks software

BlueStacks is a high standards emulator that is used to install and operate Android applications into a computer.

Step 1

Search for the main BlueStacks website at Once you are on the website click the download button.

Step 2

When the software has been downloaded, click the install now button. The installation process takes time depending on the capabilities of your PC. Once the process is done click the complete button.

Step 3

The software will open automatically popping on your home screen. You can then opt to set up your Google account to access the Google play store. The applications should now be available and ready for download.

PC requirements to install BlueStacks

1. You must be the PC’s administrator
2. A Ram memory of 2GB
3. 4GB hard disk space

Running SwannView application on the PC

When you have already installed the BlueStacks software into your PC, the next step is simple.

Step 1

Download the SwannView application from your BlueStacks. From the search menu, you can simply look for the application by searching SwannView Link. The application should pop up just like it would appear in your Android smartphone.


Keep in mind that there are various applications that resemble the Swannview application, so make sure you have chosen the right application. When you are sure to have the right application click the download button, and ensure you have enough space to download the application.

Step 2

Once the application has been installed. You can click and run it through the BlueStacks emulator.

Step 3

Ensure that the application works correctly. If it shows some issues contact the help center or try the previous versions. It may be under maintenance at the moment.
The same process applies in the Mac OS, you will be required to install the emulator first before installing the Swannview. But the operation is still the same.
PC requirements to operate SwannView Application on Windows and Mac

1. A hard disk space with at least 4GB
2. 2 GB RAM for adequate speed to keep the application working properly

SwannView application turns your computer device into a DVR or an NVR monitoring system. Just like the way the applications function perfectly on your Android devices (tablets, smartphones, and many more).

As a result, the application helps save on your data and boost your security. One advantage of exploring the outstanding application is the multi-screen support, that allows users to monitor with up to 4 screens from the same application. All one needs is an internet connection.

Take your experience to the next level by installing the SwannView application on your PC. The more screen you have the more secure your home will be.

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