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download-and-install-teledr-for-pc-windows-7-8-10-macWhy TeleDr is the Most Trending App of 2020?

The world has become a smaller place with the help of the internet. There was a time when one used to post a letter and it would take many days to get it received. The same was the case with the reply, it would take many days just to receive the reply.

But with the growth of technology and with wonderful applications made these days, it has become possible to instantly reply back and to message your beloved ones. However, in some states and countries, the authorities have banned the use of such services.

TeleDr is a wonderful and engaging application that has the capabilities of modern-day messaging. It promotes free access to information and also resists the internet censorship in authoritarian states around the globe. TeleDr is developed by and is a customized version of the Telegram app.

It supports the rights of users to freely express anything over the internet and to access any information that they like. It keeps the information away from any kind of censorship and surveillance.

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How TeleDr is the Perfect Solution for Modern-Day Messaging?

TeleDr is a wonderful application that is cloud-based and uses encryption on all its messages that are sent. The application is considered to be one of the securest messaging apps on the web. This application has made its name in the market because of its secret chat segment and its end to end encryption format. The message that is being sent can only be read by the recipient and nobody else can hack or access the information of the message.


The application consists of multiple features that set it apart from any other messaging app in the store. Perks of using this app are:

The App Isn’t Made for Monetizing

One of the major reasons why this application became famous among the masses is because of its no ad feature. All the other apps make use of advertisements and share our data for marketing purposes. However, the makers of this app claim that they do not share any data for marketing purposes which makes the application most secure on the internet.

Availability of Secret Chat Options

The application bought a new world of secret messaging with its pretty amazing feature. The app allows you to conduct a one to one encrypting messaging. When using this feature, the app does not allow you to take screenshots or forward the message to anyone.

No Restrictions on the File Size

This is one of the features of this app that makes it a stand out application in the market. Any messaging app that you might have heard of does not allow its users to send the files over a specific limit. Also, while sending the image files, they decrease the quality of the images for fast and smooth processing. When using TeleDr, there is no such problem as there is a limit that is specified by the creators of the app. You can send loads of data in one go. This does make the app become slower but is a great additional feature for all its users.

Destroy All Chat Proofs with Self Destruct Timers

There is a feature called the self-destruct timers in the app that removes the messages of your chat permanently from the server and your device. Once you receive the message, it remains in your chatbox for a limited period of time pre-decided by you. Once the time set by you is up, the messages automatically get deleted from the device and the server.

A Large Set of Customizations Available

The application is truly a modern-day app as it has several amazing features that none of its competitors have to offer. One can change the color of the app as per their choice. Also, it has multiple animations available that can be used for communication purposes. The animations look super cool and fun to use.

Installing the TeleDr Application on Your PC

To install this application on your PC you will require a phone emulator through which you can run it on your desktop system. BlueStacks and Nox App Player are two emulators that are best for running Android and ios applications on your laptop device. To install the TeleDr app, follow the given instructions:

  1. Open the Android or ios emulator on your desktop.
  2. Go to the Play Store Application and login from your google account.
  3. At the top of the Search Bar, search for the TeleDr Application.
  4. Install the application and have unlimited fun in the messaging world.


TeleDr is a wonderful application with plenty of new and surprising features that makes the messaging easier and interactive. With several features that no other messaging app provides to you, this app will surely make you fall in love with it.

So, install this amazing app on your phone or computer and enjoy the multiple benefits that it is offering to you. With the power to delete the messages and bringing a new layer of animation to the messages, this app is truly engaging in all its prospects. So, check out this app and know yourself why it is the best in the messenger world. Good Luck!

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