How to Download AnySee for PC (Windows 7, 8, 10 and Mac OS)

download-anysee-for-pc-windows-macAnySee | One App For All The Smart Devices At Your Home

Smart devices are all around us. Starting from the lights, switches, talking assistants like Alexa, security cameras, and many more. All of these or a subset of these from a part of our homes. And we often face the difficulty of controlling these devices. We all know the hassle of having multiple remote controls for various smart devices at our house. But, what if there was an app that could control these smart devices like door locks, lights, and cameras. It would be great, isn’t it?

Keeping all the aspects mentioned above in mind, there is a need for an app that can handle all or some of these devices. Fortunately, the people at Hangzhou XiongMai Technology CO.LTD. had this thing in mind. This is the reason they developed the app named AnySee. Here in this article, we will take a comprehensive look at the AnySee app that helps you control the smart devices of your home.

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What Is So Special About The AnySee App?


Well, the AnySee app has various features that offer you incredible benefits. Here we will take a look at all of them one by one. Let’s begin!

Easy Connectivity

The best thing about the app is its easy connectivity. The app has an excellent feature by which you can connect the application to the internet and get access to all the smart devices of your home. The catch here is that all the smart devices at your home should also be connected to the internet all the time. You can configure a Wifi network at home for smart devices.

Remote Access

When you are at work and want to keep an eye on your kids at home. The AnySee app is the best for you. How? The app provides you the ability to control the devices at home, whether it is a security camera, door lock, or lights. With all this in hand, you can control all the devices at your home while being away from home.

Local Access

Another brilliant feature of the AnySee app is that you can download the recorded video to your phone. This feature comes handy in various situations like if the space on your recording camera is low, you can download and save it on your phone or any other local device.


It is totally possible that the security camera records a funny video of your kids. And they might not even know it, that would be a candid one. You can keep this video as a childhood memory of your children and share it with others if you want. The AnySee app allows you to share these videos with others.

AI Functions

AI seems like a strong word, isn’t it? The AnySee app possesses some AI features that will enhance the overall experience of using the app. The AI functions, though, work with some specific devices.

What are the user reviews about the AnySee app?

The overall user reviews about the app are balanced. This means that for most of the part, the app is good but also has some drawbacks, as reported by the users. The app offers excellent picture quality along with the sound quality that is appreciated by a lot of users. Moreover, the app is also liked for its motion detector feature.

On the other hand, the app is also reported to lag between usage along with the delay in notifications. Other than this, many users say that the app consumes battery while running in the background. Well, the app has mixed reviews from the users; we can hope that the app developers will perform the required troubleshooting on the app and make it better in the next update.

Get it for your PC here!

If you are at your office and want to keep an eye on your kids, it is a bit tough to keep checking your phone all the time. So, there arises a need to install the app on your PC. For that, you need to install an Android emulator on your PC.


If we take a look at the Android emulators on the web, there are many of them, but the best ones are BlueStacks App Player and Nox App Player. The installation process of these emulators is pretty simple. All you need to have is a PC with the required specifications, and you need to follow the on-screen instructions while installing.

Note: It is necessary to give at least 10-15 minutes to the Android emulator for setting things up for you.

After successful installation of the Android emulator on your PC, follow the instructions below to install the AnySee app:

  1. Fire up the Android emulator and open the PlayStore app in it.
  2. In the app, log in with your user ID and password.
  3. Post successful login, search for the AnySee app in the PlayStore search bar.
  4. Find the right app and install it on your PC.
  5. Now, you can control all the smart devices at your home from your PC.

Final Words

As now, you have all the necessary information about the AnySee Android app with you. It will be easy for you to keep a check on all the smart devices of your house. In addition to this, you can also keep an eye on what is happening at your home when you are away. Control all the smart locks and lights at your home with the AnySee app. I hope this article serves you well.

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