How To Download Camy App For PC (Windows And Mac)

download-camy-app-for-pc-windows-macDownload Camy App – Live Video Monitoring on Windows and Mac

Have you looked at your phone idling at home without being used anywhere at your home? Have you ever looked at it and wondered what use is it in the house and thought of throwing it away? Please don’t, that phone or tablet can be used as a surveillance camera. Yes, you read that right, your phone or tablet can be used as a live surveillance camera. However, you must know that the phone or camera can only be used as a live surveillance camera using the Camy app.

Don’t worry if you do not have an idea what is Camy app is, read on, we’ve got all the details.

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Camy App – Live Surveillance Monitoring Camera

Camy allows one to turn their phone’s or tablet’s camera to be a surveillance camera. If you have a phone or a tablet at home, you can set it as a camera for viewing your pet or baby at home. If you need to use it on your laptop or desktop, then you can easily do so by following the tutorial below.

Camy allows users to connect the camera at home with another phone where the user will use the application and view their home from anywhere in the world. For instance, if you travel a lot, thus having to leave your baby with a nanny or your pet alone at home, you can use this camera app to ensure they are safe.


The app has a motion detection feature that allows people to know what is happening in their homes when there is a motion detected at home. This helps since you can ask for help from anyone near your home if you notice something unusual. For example, if your dog or cat got stuck while they are playing, you can call a neighbor to rescue it.

This app has come in a time where people do not trust their nannies anymore. Unfortunately, they cannot stay at home to take care of the children while the bills are needed. If you have to work and you have some loved ones at your home, you can still work away from them and always keep an eye on them.

If you have a spare phone at home, you can install the Camy app on it and lay it aside from the baby or pet. You can fix the phone with the camera viewing the whole area; you will know at which angle you can see the area that you intend to consider. Next, install the Camy app on the phone that you would watch the surveillance camera and start viewing everything at home.

This is a life-saving tool, especially for mothers and pet owners. A parent can use this to check on the safety of their children at night while they are sleeping. Do not worry about the quality of the footage you are going to watch, and it is going to be of HD quality.

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Functional Features of Camy App for PC

  • Stream high-quality HD videos – with this app you can be guaranteed clear, high-quality videos
  • The ability of the Camy app to connect to multiple cameras is available in the premium version.
  • With the app, you can zoom in and see what’s going on closely.
  • You can switch to the front or the rear camera.
  • You are free to ‘view and talk’ using the camera using the speakerphone
  • You can also turn off the phone screen for energy saving.
  • You can also take screenshots while viewing.

Can I use Camy App on My PC

The app is designed to work only on Android devices like phones and tablets. However, if you need to use the app on your PC, then read on. We have compiled some requirements and the steps used to download the application.


  • An Android emulator such as BlueStacks
  • A Windows PC
  • A separate phone
  • A separate mobile to use as CCTV

Download Camy Live App on PC

bluestacks-android-emulator-for-pc-windows-mac-downloadStep 1: After you have downloaded BlueStacks from their official website, you can now open it on your PC.
Step 2: Log into your new Google account or sign in with a new one.
Step 3: Search for the Camy app on the search bar and install it as soon as you see it
Step 4: Launch your Camy live app and configure it with your CCTV.

If you are going to use the camera on your PC as the surveillance camera, you will still need another separate mobile phone or laptop for viewing.

Final Words

Finally, parents and pet owners can increase the security of their children and pets using the Camy App on their mobile phones. If you sleep in separate rooms with your baby, you can use the app to look after the baby at night when you are not near them. You can also look after your pet when you are not around. This is an excellent app for anyone who wants a simple yet effective way of ensuring security at home.

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