How to download and install Windows 10 from a USB flash drive

install-windows-10-from-usbHow to download and install Windows 10 from a flash drive has been a question for many people. If your laptop has no CD drive or the CD drive is not functioning, you may want to know the process of installing with a flash disk. You may also want to use the flash drive because it convinces nature.

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Below are the steps to follow in downloading and installing Windows 10 using a USB flash disk:

Requirements for Windows 10 on a computer Windows 10 will require the same properties as those of Windows 7 on a computer. These requirements include:

• The processor should have a speed of 1GHz or higher
• For the 32-bit computers, it should have a 1GB RAM and 2GB for the 64-bit
• The size of the disk also matters a lot. For 32-bit it should have a minimum of 16 GB and 20GB for 64-bit computers
• The computer should also run high graphics resolutions – DirectX 9

Apart from the name characteristics of the Windows 10 installation, you can also check on “My PC” to find out if your computer is capable. Downloading Windows 10, Windows 10 operating system was released in July by Microsoft and is free.


Before you download Windows 10, make the following requirements are met:

• You should have sufficient Internet connection
• Your USB drive should be blank and has enough space (more than 5GB)
• Your computer should also have enough space Before you start downloading you need to have the license for the installation.
• You will then need to download a media creation tool and run it. You must be an administrator in order to access the tools.

Select Download tool now, Accept the terms of the agreements then on the page that reads “what do you want to do?” select “installation media for another PC” then click next. The next step you select the language of the choice, edition, and the architecture either 64-bit or 32-bit. You will select USB Flash drive when the computer incurs of the type of media Let Windows 10 download the media until completion.

Installing Windows 10 from a USB flash drive

Before installing make sure you have saved all your work and back up all the media files and data.

  1. Fix the USB drive in one of the ports on your computer for the Windows 10 installation
  2. The next step is to restart your PC when rebooting press the key (most computers it is F12) for booting from USB flash drive. If not sure, you can, first of all, know your system BIOS.
  3. It will then take you a page “install Windows” You will be needed to select the language, time, and preferences for the keyboard. Click “Next” after you have finished.
  4. You will then click on “Install Windows” The computer must be connected to a source of power and then wait until the installations complete.

After all the installation process has finished then you will be ready to use your new Windows 10 on your computer. We hope this tutorial has been useful to you. If you need any help leave us your comment in the field below.

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