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download-magi-magic-video-editor-for-pcBe Your Favorite Superhero With Magi+ Magic Video Editor App!!

If you open your laptop and look for a photo editing application on the internet, there are many applications on the internet. And there are millions of effects on the applications for improving the pictures. Moreover, there are many other social network sites, also where these effects are available. Apart from just images, these effects can also be applied to the videos. And same as images, there are various applications for improving the videos.

One of these video editing apps is Magi+. The app has various state of the art features that offer the best user experience, especially to those who are fond of fictional stuff like the superhero, magic, and many more. The app offers you a variety of superhero effects that make your pictures and videos look cooler.

This article will take you through various features of the app that will make your childhood dream come true. And not only this, but we will also talk about its installation on PC. Let’s take a look at some of its features.

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Features of Magi+


Magi+ is a video builder and editor app powered by Artificial Intelligence. Though the word is AI is pretty strong, it is used for making high-quality videos, including various Hollywood level effects. The app is available on PlayStore as a paid one. This is right in a way as if you want to be a hero, you have to pay the price. Like the line from Avengers says, “ a small price to pay for salvation “ lol!!!

Keeping the jokes apart, let us focus on some of the best features of the Magi+ app.


The application has an awesome interface that showcases various effects . all you need to do is click on the effect and see what it does. Plan your timing and shoot the video accordingly. The interface is made such that all the required options are easy to access from the homepage. The coloring of the interface is kept light for the comfort of the eyes of the users.


The best thing about the app is that it includes a guide option. This option makes the usage of the app very easy and convenient. Also, one can easily get hands-on how to make different videos on the application.


The inventory of effects on the Magi+ app is countless. There are many special effects included in the app, such as Superhero, Natural Power, Disasters, Sci-Fi and fantasy, Weapons, Vehicles, and many more. These categories further include various effects like energy ball, ninjutsu, flash, magic shield, wind, fire, thunder, lightning, tornados, earthquakes, meteors, and others. You can also perform magic tricks like flying cards, flying cars, etc. This app can make you look like Iron Man, Doctor Strange, Thor, Flash, and many other superheroes in no time.


Above all other features, the feature to edit the videos provided by the app and sharing those videos is the best one. The users can edit the videos with the tools provided in the app to make them more interactive and stimulating. After carefully editing the videos, you can also post and share the videos on various social networks like Instagram, Facebook, Tik-Tok, etc. now, be the superhero you want with this cool app.

What do the users think about the application?

Well, the application has crossed 1 million downloads on Google Play and also earned a rating of 4.1. It clearly indicates that the application is performing well. Although there is always room for improvement. The app is said to be a cool and awesome app by most of the users, whereas some of the users also don’t like it.

The negative aspect of the app reported by most of the users is the ads. There are many ads that play in between using the app. And these ads have made the app earn many negative reviews on Google Play. Nonetheless, the overall review of the app is positive, and it is worth a try.

Can Magi+ be installed on PC?

Yes, of course, the app can be run on a PC. All you need to do is install an android emulator on your PC. The first question that strikes your mind is what is an android emulator. Android emulator is a software that creates a similar environment for a smartphone app to run on a PC. If you look for android emulators online, you will find a lot of them like Android Studio’s emulator, Phoenix OS, ARChon, and many others. But they all are not good.

Windows has been a remarkable operating system since it’s launch, which is the reason Microsoft keeps bringing exciting upgrades to it with time. As per now, Windows 10 is the latest operating system with a bunch of new features in it. With everything easy to access right from the desktop screen, Microsoft has produced the master of all operating systems. If you want to upgrade your Windows to version 10, this will be the best place for you. Keep reading to find out how.

Emulators like Bluestacks and Nox App Player are better than these and are also popular. Moreover, the installation of these emulators is also pretty simple. You just need to follow the instructions on the screen.

For installing the Magi+ app on the PC, you need to install one of the emulators on your PC first. Post the successful installation of the emulator on the PC. Follow the instructions below for installing the Magi+ application.


1. Post the installation of the emulator on the PC, search for the PlayStore app in the emulator.
2. Post this, login into the PlayStore with your Google ID and password. If you don’t have the Google account, you won’t be able to run the application
3. Post login, search for the Magi+ app on PlayStore.
4. Install the required app and be the hero you always wanted to be.

The Verdict

To keep it plainly, the app is a great investment for a person like me. The one who wants to be a part of all those sci-fi scenes of the movie. Now, you just need to open your phone and start shooting your favorite videos. Add awesome effects to your videos and share them online with your friends. Have fun!!!

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