Download and Install OLOW VPN on PC (Windows 7, 8, 10, Mac)

download-olow-vpn-on-pcVPN (Virtual Private Networks) are applications that offer secured internet connections using private servers located in different locations. They provide a secure channel in which all data between the device and remote servers is heavily encrypted thereby not easily accessible by hackers or stalkers.

OLOW VPN is one of the applications that provide the above service on Android devices. The app boasts some impressive features as listed below;

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OLOW VPN Features

• Protect the user’s privacy and safeguard them from tracking
• Provide access to Geo-restricted websites
• Unlimited speeds and bandwidth
• Does not require any registration
• Works on both rooted and non-rooted devices
• One clicks connections

Clearly, this is one of the must-have applications out there. However, OLOW VPN is only available for Android devices. This prompts many people to wonder how they can use this app on computers running either Windows or Mac operating systems. The following is a step by step guideline on how to run OLOW VPN on PC.


• Computer (with Windows XP or higher) or MacBook
• At least 2GB RAM and 4GB internal memory
• Updated graphics drivers
• Reliable internet connection

Installation proceeds via two steps

1. Installing the BlueStacks App Player
2. Installing OLOW VPN on BlueStacks

1. Installing BlueStacks App Player on Computer

BlueStacks is a Windows and Mac application that creates an Android platform on which one can run Android applications on a computer. To install it on the computer;
• Visit
• Tap on “Download BlueStacks” to save the BlueStacks setup file.
• Wait for the file (470MB) to finish downloading. (the download time varies depending on internet speed connection).
• Once the download is complete, browse to the folder to which the setup file is located
• Run it with administrator privileges and accept terms and conditions.
• Once you finish, launch the BlueStacks app player.

One the BlueStacks player has been installed and runs on your computer, you can proceed to the next step.

2. Installing OLOW VPN on BlueStacks

There are two main ways one can install the OLOW VPN app on BlueStacks;
A. Using the Google Play store
B. Using Apk file from Third Party Sources

Using the Google Play Store

• Launch the Bluestacks App player.
• From the top right side on the homepage, click on the Shop / Play store icon.
• You will be prompted to sign in with a google account, input valid account details, and proceed to the Play Store.
• Click on the Search tab and type OLOW VPN.
• Click on the first result. It appears as OLOW VPN.

OLOW-VPN-DOWNLOAD-ON-PC-VIA-BLUESTACKS• Click on install and the app will automatically download and install on BlueStacks.
• To use the app, navigate to BlueStacks homepage and click on OLOW VPN.
• Click on the round icon on the top left corner to view the server list.
• Choose the preferred server to connect.
• Viola! You are ready to use OLOW VPN.

Using Apk File from Third Party Sources

Sometimes one might prefer to avoid the play store due to various reasons which might be;
– they do not have a google account or do not wish to use it on BlueStacks.
– they want to avoid google billing services.
– they already have the apk file either from a third-party website or backup from an Android device.
– they want to install a modified version of the application.

To install the app from the local storage

• Browse to the folder to which the apk file is located.
• Double click on the apk file and the BlueStacks app player will automatically detect and install the OLOW VPN.
• Alternatively, right-click on the file to open the options menu, click on open with, and select BlueStacks to proceed.
• The other way and by far the easiest is to drag the OLOW VPN apk and drop it on the homepage of BlueStacks and wait for it to install.
• After installation, launch the app and you can now enjoy its services on PC.

Advantages of OLOW VPN

• It’s free – OLOW VPN does not require the user to pay to have access to its servers.
• Variety of Servers – OLOW VPN contains a variety of servers from different countries from which one can choose from.
• Unlimited speed – OLOW VPN allows one to surf at almost full speed. Almost because there is a loss of a few bytes due to connections but its barely noticeable. The app recommends the best server in percentage form hence you can easily choose the fastest.

Disadvantages of OLOW VPN

• It contains adverts. However, this is a small price to pay if you are getting reliable services.

Follow the above procedure and OLOW VPN will run efficiently on your Windows or Mac PC.

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