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PUBG-MOBILE-PCPUBG is one of the most exciting mobile games that the market is offering. This is because the game itself is unique and really loved by people. The only downside to this game is that the PC version costs money that most of us cannot spend and people love the mobile version more than the PC version, which is a problem when you want to play this game (the mobile version) on PC.

This must not tackle your brain anymore cause you can know to play the PUBG mobile game on your PC all you have to do is follow the simple instructions below.

List of Contents:

1. First, get an emulator for your PC

Before downloading an emulator for your PC you must first see whether your PC is suitable to run an emulator and most good emulators require for smooth running.

  • 2 GB of RAM.
  • At least 4 GB of storage space.
  • MUST HAVE Direct X 9.0 installed on your PC.
  • Your PC drivers must be up to date.

If your PC has met these conditions then you can proceed to the next stage of instructions, but if your PC did not meet the described specifications you might have to consider the option of updating your personal computer if you really want to play PUBG mobile on your PC.

Install and run the emulator

Since the game you want to run a mobile game on the computer you must find an emulator in which the mobile game will run on. An emulator is a software that simulates mobile properties to your PC.


There are a lot of emulators offered in the market from BlueStacks to Nox but most of them are android emulators meaning when you download and play the game your opponents will be from Android devices.

With many emulators offered in the market, all that is left for you to do is find the one that suits your PC best (You can find one simply by googling BlueStacks or Nox download and it will lead you to a downloading site), set it up and move to step 2.

2. Download PUBG Mobile for PC

Downloading PUBG mobile for PC from play store was not an option until recently (it was only available in China) when the game developers offered the option of downloading it from the Play store to other countries. I would suggest that you download the game from the Play store through the emulator.

The emulator you downloaded will come having a Play store app. So all you have to do is click on the Play store app search for PUBG and get downloading.

If PUBG is not available in the Play store in your country you can download it from third-party sites but I would not recommend this option to use it as a last resort.

3. Install the game and run it

Once the game has finished downloading. Run it and it will take you to set up and you will have to set the game up and you are done. You can now get your game on and enjoy PUBG mobile on PC.

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