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download-supercam-plus-for-pc-windows-macWhy is SuperCam Plus the Best Monitoring Software of All Time?

Are you a business owner who is looking to secure your workspace from unwanted activities? Then this fantastic app might be beneficial for you. SuperCam is a professional monitoring app for your smartphone that can help you monitor the activities on your phone. Numerous people widely use it as it provides good functionality and convenience to people. Many times, we are afraid to leave our office alone because we fear that any important data may get leaked, or the employees will create some mess when you aren’t around.

So this app is specially designed for such people as it helps to keep you updated about your workplace or home when you aren’t around. The app can be installed on your phone and then you can connect your webcams and CCTV cameras installed at your place with the phone.

They will provide you with live footage of what’s happening around your place without bringing it to the notice of other people. SuperCam Plus also gives you the power to record video so that you can check the videos later if needed. So, let us go ahead and check out the several features that this app has to offer.

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Features of SuperCam Plus


SuperCam Plus app has been able to reach the milestone of 100K downloads because of the various features and quality service that they provide to its users. Some of the major features of the app are mentioned down below:

  • Multiple Live Displays

One of the best features that this app is providing to its users is that you can watch the live footage of four or nine cameras at once. This helps the user to monitor different regions or rooms at once. It is most helpful for people who have a small three to four rooms office space. Also, it helps survey several rooms in your house at once. In case you detect any suspicious activity happening in the cam, you can switch your view to full screen which will help you get a clear and detailed image of the scene.

  • Video Recording

The application not just provides live footage of the webcams, CCTV cameras, or any other surveillance device but also helps in recording the video. You can set the recorder for the particular cam or for all as you like and set the limit for recording the live footage. It can be viewed later on your phone.

  • Remote Playback

Once you have recorded the video on your phone, it can be viewed on SuperCam Plus. It acts as a video player, and you can view all the footage you wish to see. It also gives you the option to fast-forward or slow down the playing video. This helps you to save time as the unwanted things can be moved forward, and the things you wish to see can be viewed at a slower pace.

Other than it, SuperCam Plus has an additional feature to zoom the content you like. This is a great feature that not many apps offer. Using this feature, you can see the detailed content inside the video, and if searching for something specific, it will be a huge help.

  • Great Compatibility With Any Phone

SuperCam Plus can be used with a number of devices. From Android smartphones to Apple devices, this app will run on anything. Not only on your phone but if you can have viewing experience of the live video on your laptop or PC as well. The app can be installed on your laptop and the procedure will be shared below in the article.

If you are an office person and want to keep a check at your house while you work in the office, then installing the app on your laptop will be a big comfort for you. So this wonderful app gives the user comfort and eases them to use the app on the device they like.

  • Easy Notifications

The application is wonderful in all its aspects. When you integrate the app with motion sensor cameras, you are notified about any suspicious activity that happens. Also, the app provides you with notifications of storage full and any other change or update in the app. It helps you to stay updated with any changes occurring in the app.

Installing the App on Your PC or Laptop

Installing SuperCam Plus on your app can be helpful for you as you get the viewing experience on a larger screen. Most people who spend more time with their laptops can install the app on their systems. It will provide easy access for you to monitor the activities of the cams installed.


Installing Procedure

1. Download BlueStacks or Nox App Player (Android emulators) on your laptop and install it.
2. Once installed, open the emulator and go to the menu page.
3. Search the play store app and log in with your Google credentials.
4. Search for the SuperCam Plus App.
5. Install the app on the PC or Laptop.
6. Open the SuperCam Plus App, connect with the cameras, and monitor the live video of the cams from anywhere.

Wrapping Up

Staying away from the office or home is not a problem anymore for you. Installing SuperCam Plus will give you the power to monitor all kinds of activities happening in your home or office on your phone or laptop. So do not worry more about leaving your workspace at any time. Just install this app and have better access to all the areas you like to view. Good Luck!

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