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download-world-box-pc-windows-macBe a God with WorldBox – Sandbox God Simulator Game!

There would rarely be a person on earth who has not tried gaming in his or her life, right? All of us have played at least one game in our life and some of us are even addicted to some of them. There are millions of games on the internet these days and all of them are based on a different concept. This gives a user a lot of choices from those he or she can choose the one they want to play.

One of the game types among the various games on the internet is the strategy and building. There are many games available in this category on the Google Play Store and App Store. Some of the popular games in this genre are Clash of Clans, Civilization Revolution 2, The Battle of Polytopia, Heartstone and many more. These games deal with the strategy and construction of the kingdom. Along with this, one can also go on war with the other kingdom, but the other players can also invade your kingdom. This is a feature that World Box, a Sandbox God Simulator game addresses.

World Box is a whole new game in itself that was launched in 2019 with a motive of offering the user to control everything in the game like a God. Keep reading the article and find out more about this game!

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How WorldBox makes you a God?

Well, in real life, no one can be God but in the gaming world, you can. The World Box simulator game is an awesome simulator game where can control every aspect including the life and death of a person or civilization. Along with this, one can also trigger wars and change the weather over the world as per preference. There are many more aspects of the game that one can change that make this simulation game a masterpiece. Let’s take a look at them!

Build civilizations

Well, while playing the World Box game, you are the creator of the world which means you can give birth to civilizations on the planet. These civilizations can build and improve houses and industries and in the worst case, can also go to war with each other. Your role here is to be on the side you like and help them survive the war or any other happening. In the end, it all comes down to you. Do as you like.

Destruction Powers

God is not always good, he can also be bad just to make sure that the world created by him is not in chaos. The same is the case with this game, you are god and you need to make sure that the world created by you is balanced. The game offers you the ability to destroy the world with tornados, volcanos, heat rays, and more. Make it rain with acid or throw an atomic bomb to wipe out the world.

Create Life

The game is not only about destruction if you are a good God! You can also create a life by releasing various creatures in the world like wolves, sheep, zombies, orks, dwarves, dragons, and many other creatures. You can also give power to alien life in the game by spawning a UFO. Life is not only created by just spawning species, but it can also be started again by washing out the old life. You can trigger disasters like Meteorites, Volcanos, lava and more. You can make creatures evolve.

All these features make the game great allowing the users to make their own world as per preference.

What do the users think about the game?

The overall views of the users about the game are positive. Users really like the game and are in favor of all the great features. The features of the game are the reason why it has bagged 4.2 ratings on Google Play. Some of the characteristics of the game that are highlighted by the users are:

  • Entertaining game
  • Greater variety of weapons
  • Mythical creatures
  • Bigger maps
  • Raiding the civilizations

Get WorldBox for PC!!!

Yeah! that’s right, you can get this game for your PC also. All you need to do is install an Android emulator on your PC. An Android emulator is a software that enables your PC to run Android applications. There are many Android emulators on the web to choose from but the most popular and good one is BlueStacks and Nox App Player.

The installation procedure of the Android emulators is simple. You just need to follow the on-screen instructions and you are good to go. Just make sure you download the Android emulators from the official websites linked with the text above. To learn about the installation of the application, keep reading further:


  1. Install the Android emulator on your PC following the on-screen instructions.
  2. Post installing the emulator, look for the Google Play Store app.
  3. Log in with your Google account in the PlayStore app.
  4. Post successful login, search for the WorldBox – Sand Box God Simulator app.
  5. Install the app and enjoy it!

Note: Enable the virtualization technology in the system BIOS for an enhanced experience.

Wrapping up!

Tired of playing those old rule-based games? Be free and do whatever you want in the classic WorldBox God Simulator Game. Trigger wars, building of civilization and even control climate. Do all the fun you want by building your own world. Have fun!!!

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