How To Download ZEE5 App For PC [Computer, Laptop]

zee5-app-download-for-pcHave you ever wondered which app you can use to watch your favorite programs right from your phone? We admit that there are hundreds if not thousands of apps that people download to watch movies or TV series from Android devices.

Due to this high rise of such apps, you will find that most of these apps do not provide the much-needed entertainment. Some however are great at delivering what is needed to them and Zee5 is one such app that you can watch any kind of movie and series that you need.

Zee5 is an Android app that you can freely get from the Google play store or App store for Android and IOS devices. To download on your Windows computer you might need third-party help which is in an emulator.

In this article, we are going to enlighten you more on the Zee5 Android app, what it offers and how you can get it both on your Android phone or on your Windows or Mac computers. We will also explain a bit about how you can well use the app to your advantage.

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About The Zee5 App

Zee5 is an Android app that allows users to watch the news, series, TV shows, and movies on their phones. Zee5 app is not free to use so you will need to pay for a subscription before you are allowed to watch anything on the app.


Just like most apps like the Zee5 app, you will find a search bar that allows the user to watch what you really need, and then you can watch the content. The entertainment content of Zee5 includes different genres of entertainment that you can watch on. For example, you will find the cooking genre, sports, comedy, documentary, and others.

You can also watch from the category of the latest entertainment genres or movies. You can get the full information about each movie or series before you can begin watching. You also need to know that you will also find movies or series that are related to your region especially if you live in India. The app is however not only limited to Indians, you can also use it when you are from any country in the world.

Currently, the app can boast over 100 million downloads which is another reason why this app is good for many people. According to this number you are able to tell if the app is genuine and if it is rich in content. Once you subscribe to the app, you can have access to 4500 plus movies, 200 plus web series, and TV series. If you hate ads then this app is great for you since you can watch anything you want on the app and you will not come across any kind of ads.

Also if you are in for live programs then Zee5 is a good app for you. You can always watch over 90 channels that are live. This means that you can watch live TV shows or TV talks right from your phone. This means that you don’t have to wait until you are home to watch a certain program, just pull out your phone, choose what you want to watch and that’s it.

You can also decide to watch anything from a larger screen like a PC or a TV by downloading the app on your PC or by casting the show to your TV with tools like Chromecast.

Can you Use Zee5 App on Windows 10 Laptop?

Yes and no. yes because you can choose to use the site from their official website. Simply open your browser search for Zee5 and choose their official website. You may however still need to log in to your account before you can start watching. The account must also be a premium.


No, because you cannot have the app directly downloaded to your PC without third-party software like an emulator. What is an emulator?

Emulators are software that allows people to emulate a certain OS in a different OS from them. For example, if you want an Android OS to be used on a Windows computer then you will need an emulator. There are a lot of emulators that you can choose from like Memu Play, Nox app player, and Bluestacks Android emulator.

The best one among the three is the Bluestacks Android emulator which is mainly used by Windows users and is free. However, Bluestacks needs certain requirements to be followed before you can decide on downloading it. For example, Bluestacks takes up a lot of space from a computer so your will need your computer to big enough.

Your computer will also need adequate RAM which should also be above 4GB for the emulator to work well on your computer.

Here’s how you download the Zee5 app for PC:


  • First download Bluestacks on your PC.
  • Sign in with your Google account.
  • Open the Google play store.
  • Search for Zee5 for PC.
  • Click install to download the app.

Alternative Method with Memu play:

  • Download Memu play from their official website.
  • Download Zee5 APK file.
  • Tap on the APK files icon.
  • Choose the APK file that you downloaded earlier and that’s it, you have the Zee5 app on your PC.

Because this Android app is free to download for Android all you have to do is ensure that your phone has a higher RAM so that it does not get heated while you are watching your favorite movie or series.

In Conclusion

While there are hundreds of movies and series apps that you can use, Zee5 is a great app to rely on. The fact that it is free is the reason why you may first consider it. The app gives a lot of valuable entertainment and it is also great because you can download it on your PC.

You may need to use an emulator but lucky for you, most emulators that you may choose to use are absolutely free of charge. You can download the app, choose your preferred type of fun and watch from the comfort of your home!

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