Dragon Raja Game Review And How To Download It For PC

dragon-raja-for-pc-windows-macMobile games: they either come out good or bad. However, finding a good game nowadays has become so hard, but once you find a good one may be easily glued to one game for a long time.

Dragon Raja is a mobile game unique for being very visual and exciting. Dragon Raja is a game that will have you glued to your mobile phone for a long time. Apart from having fun in the game, the Dragon Raja app is a factor that needs to be considered for those looking for a new game to play.

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What is Dragon Raja And How To Play It?

Dragon Raja is an Android game app that anyone can play. The game revolves around a battle between humans and dragons. The ancient dragons have resurrected again, and they have a mission to rule the whole world with its inhabitants. However, they come in a time when humans are growing tremendously in technology, making it hard for the dragons to defeat the humans.


The humans will risk their lives to become hybrids of dragons and humans. Here they use the power of the dragons and the power of their technology to fight against these dragons. As a player, you get to choose which character you are going to fight. There are so many of them, and each of them has unique abilities to help in the battle.

The game app is feature-rich, and you can change so many things in the game. For instance, if you are a female character, you can choose which outfit to put on and even when to apply your makeup. The graphics of this game are also amazing. Dragon raja uses an unreal engine to ensure that they present your great graphics.

You can also change into day or night mode while playing the game. This helps in taking care of your eyes when you are facing your screen. Staying in front of any screen for too long is risky to your health, so it is good to have an MMORPG for mobile that has a day and night mode.

If you do not have all the time in the world to play, you can use the auto-battle feature so that you can also complete other errands. This game is full of features that anyone can use to have a better experience while playing.

How to download Dragon Raja for PC

Since Dragon Raja is an Android application, you need a third party to allow you to download and play this game on your PC. In this case, we are going to consider using the LD player to download the app on your PC.


Just like most Android games, Dragon Raja has also found the LD player very useful. There are many Android emulators that you can use to download the game on your PC, but the best for Dragon Raja is the LD player because of the top-class keyboard mapping. This keyboard mapping allows users to create their style even while playing.


1. How do you get Dragon Raja on PC?

You can get this game app on your PC by using the Bluestacks Android emulator. All you have to do is download the emulator on your PC. Ensure that your PC has enough RAM for the emulator to download correctly. The download might take some time, depending on the speed of your device.

After the download is complete, you can now install the software on your PC. Open the application; the emulator will then prompt you to log in to your Google account. On the Google Play store, search for Drago Raja for PC. Click on it to download the app on your PC.

2. Can you download Dragon Raja’s PC?

Downloading Dragon Raja for PC without an Android emulator is impossible because the PC version of Dragon Raja is currently unavailable. However, if you download the emulator on your PC, you can easily download the app on your PC. You can also use Nox Player or Memu as the Android emulator of your choice.

3. Is Dragon Raja free?

Dragon Raja is available at different prices and coupons. Below are the top prices of the game’s in-app purchases:

Newbie: $0.99

One-click purchase: $9.99

1980 coupons: $29.99

3280 coupons: $49.99

4. How do you play Dragon Raja?

Ancient dragons in this game are returning to life in an attempt to rule the world and its inhabitants. However, humans have free will, and they are doing all they can to save their world.

In this game, many fighters can always choose who they want to be among them and play as a fighter to slay the dragons. Some players are a high breed of dragons and humans, so you will have fun taking on any of the characters.

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