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eyeplus-app-for-pc-windows-7-8-10-mac-free-downloadEyeplus App: The Eyes of Your Home

Technology has brought wonders to the modern world with different applications playing a large part in providing remote surveillance. Although technology acts as a double-edged sword but with upgrades and innovations, it has proven to become smart as an effective security measure.

Topping the list of security monitoring apps is the Eyeplus app that gives the user value of life by protecting their assets hence enjoying peace of mind.

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Understanding Eyeplus App

Eyeplus App is an easy to operate and smartest home monitoring app, that provides the perfect eyes to keep your home secure 24/7. The app enables the user to view video feeds by logging in to their Android devices. However, you can install Eyeplus App on your PC by using Android emulators.

Benefits of Eyeplus App


Easy to Install

It’s easy to install the Eyeplus app on your devices. It takes seconds to start monitoring the happenings of your home via live feeds. To install Eyeplus App, you need less equipment since it’s done directly on your device, thus taking less time and energy to install and operate.

Deter Crime

The beauty of using the Eyeplus app is that it helps to monitor your home discreetly, giving you a sense of security and peace which is priceless. Installing cameras at your home helps to prevent crimes from happening, with the sheer thought of being caught red-handed becoming intimidating for the Bulgary.

Thus, people with remotely monitored households have a chance to capture and identify potential Bulgary at their act. The application manages to record videos on high-definition in more extensive and explicit viewing angles. Thus, enabling the user to see what’s going on around their homes-whether terrible or good.

Improve Accessibility and Storage

Since Eyeplus App is a digital monitoring app, it uses the latest technology to capture different footage and save them for future playback.

Moreover, the captured videos and audio get saved on the cloud storage hence using minimal device space. Also, it enables direct receipts of the feed by login using Wi-Fi thus viewing multiple feeds 24/7.

Prevent Chances of False Alarms

With Eyeplus App, you can enjoy visual confirmation by monitoring the happenings around your home after an alert or activation. Plus it enables the user to only act to the most appropriate and fastest response.

Gather Evidence

With Eyeplus App adequately connected to your home camera in strategic places helps to monitor and gather evidence for future review. The app comes fitted with high-quality video and audio capabilities coupled with clear images and flawless sounds that enable the recording of a series of happenings. Moreover, the app stores the captured videos and audio feeds on the cloud allowing easy viewing regardless of your location. It’s a helpful app on legal scenarios.

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Top Features of Eyeplus App

  • It provides video recording using the encoding engine for quality videos
  • Has an alert features for SMS & Email
  • It provides playback services
  • Safe connection to Wi-Fi

Typical Uses of Eyeplus App

  • Home security
  • Baby surveillance
  • Pet Monitoring
  • Business Monitoring

Downloading Eyeplus App on Your PC

Using Eyeplus App delivers more vivid and bright pictures on a more significant and well-angled screen. However, you can’t download the app directly on your PC, but thanks to emulators you can enjoy the full benefits of the Eyeplus App.

Also, before downloading the app ensure your PC software and hardware meets the minimum system equipment that includes being Windows 7,8,10, Vista, and XP, updated graphics drives, and enough storage disk space.


How to Download the Eyeplus App for Mac or PC

  • Open the BlueStacks or NOX emulators on your PC
  • Associate the emulator with a Google account
  • Search for Google play store, open it and search for Eyeplus App
  • Follow the given download information and install it after finishing its process
  • Please open it and enjoy keeping an eye on your properties

Eyeplus acts as the perfect monitoring tool and it’s a powerful and yet uncomplicated appliance providing different monitoring services. Moreover, it takes your home monitoring to a high level with its ability to keep evidence and privacy.

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