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With the increase in social media video posting, individuals want to learn how to make their videos better for their viewers. Every editor has a beginning, and most of them use FilmoraGo during the learning process.

In recent times, it has been found that more people are watching videos than they are reading; most of them even prefer books in audio or video for better understanding and visualizing. With this app, you can create great video effects.

Video editing is about telling stories using the technology provided. You can create an excellent story to reach a family by using a suitable editor tool. FilmoraGo is a video maker and editor used by beginners to edit full-featured videos or make a film. The app is easy to use and user-friendly. Thus, it is considered the most used by beginners.

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Features of FilmoraGo App

FilmoraGo is simply an application created to edit videos to bring out the intended message. It has the most straightforward interface that is available on Windows OS, iOS, and Android. It is easy to interact with, and every option is available on the screen.


The application has excellent stability, and its efficiency is unmatched. The creators made the app work efficiently, even on phones with 1.5 GB RAM. Thus, it is capable of uploading videos from your gallery, albums, Instagram, or Facebook. At the same time, you can edit without worrying about the app lagging due to low phone memory.

  • Here are some of the features provided by the app.

    The application can record videos from both cameras (the front and the rear camera) at the same time. With this feature, you can record conservations occurring from both sides, thus creating a clear picture in your videos.

  • It offers the option to split-screen, thus allowing you to view from both angles. Applying a split-screen on the app can help you view what you are recording from both cameras when using the double-take feature.
  • The application comes with free music that you can use in your video. The music is directly from iTunes, or a creator can use their music.
  • It has special effects to use in the editing process.

How to Download FilmoraGo for PC

This application is available for download on the Wondershare website. You can get it for Windows OS, iOS, and Android. Here are the steps to download the app for free;


  1. Search FilmoraGo for PC in Google and get the result.
  2. Go to the Wondershare-Filmora website to search for the PC version.
  3. Find the app specified for Windows and tap on it.
  4. Allow that app to install. Note that if you get a prompt, you should accept it.
  5. After installing, you can find the app on your Windows desktop.

How to Use

FilmoraGo is an easy-to-use application; thus, any beginner can navigate through it with ease. The technique individuals use to edit a video is the same for most applications. If you can learn to navigate through this app, then it can be easier with the others.

Here we are going to show you how to navigate and edit videos in this editor.

1. Open Filmora

While it is essential to install an app, you need to adjust features before you start working. Once you launch the app, you require the optional aspect ratio that will help you edit easily.

2. Add a new project

In the welcome screen, you will need to choose whether to create a new project or open an existing project. You start by creating a new project since you have no ongoing project.

This will lead you to the editor, whereby you will click the file menu to access the project settings. Settings help you to choose how you want your final cut to be. You get to adjust the aspect ratio, video resolution, and frame rate.

A media option at the left corner will enable you to add media from your drive to the app. Click on it, pick the file you want to edit from your drive, and add it by clicking the import button. The app offers various ways to import the file from your drive and trim it for you easily and fast.

3. Rearrange the files for your project

Once you have imported the files from your drive, you can locate them on the Filmora media tab. Having different files on one project can be challenging since you must look for them when adding in the project. Thus, arranging them in the order of adding them can help you save time and avoid confusion.

You can create an album containing all your work in one folder to make it easier to locate it. Working with efficiency is key to making your work become a success.

4. Edit the files

Once you have arranged all your work and you have raw footage, you need to trim the work to remove the parts that are not required. At the same time, you can add other pieces while you are trimming. Once you add a file, it comes after the existing one.

After trimming, you can apply visual effects to the file. Visual effects include credits, video subtitles, and opening titles. You can use the software to add text to the file.

Also, you need to correct the colors for your file to make it look vivid. This filter is added depending on the duration of the video. The color correction tools allow you to tune the video to make it more vibrant.

After editing the video file to your expectations, you can share it by clicking on the share button provided in the app. Also, you can select the format in which you want to send the video. Formating depends on where you will play the video. At the same time, you can export the video to youtube or Vimeo if you don’t want to share it.

FilmoraGO is the best editor to use if you want to learn fast. It has edited videos become an easy task. This app works in both Mac and PC to edit professional videos; thus, a beginner can efficiently edit a video professionally and create a masterpiece.

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