How To Use Flat Pattern Bend On PC (Windows & Mac)

flat-pattern-bend-for-pc-windows-mac-downloadOverview of Flat Pattern Bend app

Do you want to calculate the dimensions for the construction of flat segments or frustum cones? This app can greatly help you make these calculations with ease. In most cases, it is used by engineers when they want to cut certain pipes to fit somewhere.

This application can, therefore, help you calculate items of different shapes such as the lobster backbend, elbow, and even truncated cones with an accessible vertex. Also, you will be able to calculate tee pieces and so on. Flat Pattern Bend app is a tool app on the Android platform. Currently, there is a 2.17 version that was released in February 2020.

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Features of the Flat Pattern Bend app

This app comes with incredible features that make it better compared to other apps. It is very important to those professionals who work in the field of fabrication. Here, you can trust that it will enable you to perform bend layout calculations for boiler pipes and lines.


It also enables you to calculate the following; frustum triangle, cone, frustum, bend, breeches, truncated cylinder, tee, tee ECC, tee on the cone, and auger. Also, it allows you to save all your calculations as a DFX file. Here, your file will be saved to the Download/DXF/Folder. It is important to note that permission to write the file is normally required.

Lastly, this app is free to download. No registration is needed to use this app. You do not need to login once you download the app. All you need to do is to go to the Google Play Store, download it, and start the app for free.

Download Flat Pattern Bend for PC (Mac & Windows)

This app not only works well on Android devices but can also work well on your computer. However, it is important to note that this app is not available for download on the computer. Therefore, you need to get an emulator so that you can run this Android app on your computer.

The good news is that there are many emulators that you can use. Here we shall consider the Bluestacks emulator. This is a powerful software that will enable your computer to work as an Android device. As a result, you will be able to even access the Google Play Store without any restrictions.

Here are the steps that you should follow:

1. Download and install the Bluestacks emulator on your computer.

2. Click the application to launch it.

3. On the Home screen of the emulator, you will see the Google Play store.

4. Sign in with your Google details and then search for the Flat Pattern Bend app.

5. Click download and this app will be installed on the emulator.

6. Run the application on your PC and enjoy your favorite utility app.


1. Can the Flat Pattern Bend app work well on my computer?

Yes. Although this is an Android app, it can work well on your computer. Here, you will be able to make calculations on a bigger screen than that of your Android device. Therefore, it is true to say that it can work well both on PC and Android mobile devices.

2. Is the Flat Pattern Bend app for PC safe to use?

Yes. This app has been tried in the past and has proved not to have any malware. Unlike other calculation apps, this app is virus-free. Therefore, you should not worry that your device’s data might get corrupted by a virus or malware as a result of downloading this app. This app is safe to use.

3. Do I need an emulator to download the Flat Pattern Bend app for PC?

Yes. You need to have an emulator for you to download this app on your computer. Since this app works well on Android devices, you should download an emulator for it to work optimally on your computer. Here, you can consider the Nox app player or the Bluestacks emulator.

4. Will I be able to save my calculations after using the Flat Pattern Bend app for PC?

Yes. All the calculations that you will make, can be saved as a DFX file. You can then go back and refer to the calculations you made a while ago when you want to make some decisions.

5. Will I be charged to download the Flat Pattern Bend app for PC?

No. This application is free to download. All you need to do is to go to Google Play store and then search for it and install it on your device. Also, you will not need to register when using this app. This makes this app better than other calculation apps.


If you need an application that makes the calculation of flat segments easy for you, the Flat Pattern Bend app is the ultimate solution for you. Those people who are in the fabrication industry can greatly benefit from this app. The advantage of this app is that it free to use. Also, it works well both on Android and PC. Finally, it is virus-free. Install this app today on your PC and you will not regret it.

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