How To Install & Use Google One Back Up Tool On Your PC (Windows 10, 8, 7, Mac)

google-one-for-pc-free-downloadUpgrade your mobile storage with the Google One app!

We live in the era of smart devices. Today, if you look around yourself, you are surrounded by smart devices that have the ability to help you in some way. Let it be for entertainment, infotainment, communication, and whatnot; smart devices have the capability to offer you everything.

As technology has evolved, it has given birth to various new concepts like mobile applications, cloud computing, AI, and many others. If you look at your smartphone, you are looking at one of the powerful devices on the planet. It has dozens of apps that can help you in many ways, like clicking pictures, listening to music, talking to someone, and others.

Now, these apps need space to function properly on your device, and you might have experienced this issue on your phone that it does not has enough memory. This article will address this issue and discuss a brilliant app, Google One, that will solve your phone’s memory problem. So, let’s not waste any time & begin!

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What is Google One, actually?

You must have heard of Google Drive, right!!! Well, if you haven’t, Google Drive is a storage service offered by Google where one can store their important documents, pictures, etc. the service also allows you to sync and share documents across various devices just via your Gmail ID.

Now, the issue with Google Drive is that it offers you 15GB of storage space, which is a lot for most of us. But some of us need more of it as we have a lot of crucial things to store online.

Google One is for those people who need more online storage space. The subscription-based service is provided by Google and extends your online storage space to 100GB or more based on the subscription. You can get maximum storage of 2TB with the Google One app.

How can Google One benefit you?


Well, there are various ways in which Google One app can benefit you.

Perfect place for your sharp images: We all love to click images, isn’t it? Yeah, so you must have noticed that your phone memory gets full after some time, and it is primarily because of pictures and videos. Now, what to do?

You can get the Google One subscription and store all your pictures on it and free up space for your phone for more pictures. Not only this, but the pictures will also be stored in the same resolution and size as they were clicked.

Family Sharing: Among the various benefits of Google One, this is the best one. With each subscription of Google One, you get the benefit of sharing that space with 5 of your family members. So now, no more transferring pictures from one phone to another for saving space, you can use the common Google One storage space to pool all the pictures together.

Moreover, if you are a business owner, Google One is best to keep all your necessary docs in one place for sharing rather than mailing them individually to everybody in your organization.

Security and benefits: Free up your mind from any type of fear of data loss. Google One has some advanced industry-leading security features that safeguard your necessary pictures, docs, and other data on the cloud.

Moreover, with Google One subscription in hand, you get various other benefits like:

1. Advanced product support from Google experts
2. Special hotel pricing
3. Google Play credits

And many more!!

Can I get Google One for my PC?

Yes, of course, you can get Google One for your PC. Basically, there are two ways to do it.

1. Installing the mobile app on your PC via an Android emulator.
2. Use Google One online from your PC

The second method is pretty simple. You just need to go online and purchase the subscription plan that suits you and VOILA! You can seamlessly use the cloud storage from your PC as well as your phone.

To install the mobile app on your PC, you need to have an Android emulator. Among the various Android emulators in the market, go for the best ones like BlueStacks, Nox, MEmu, ARChon, etc.

Steps to install Google One on your PC


1. Download the emulator package to your PC.

2. Unpack and install the emulator with the provided on-screen steps.

3. Give the emulator 10-15 minutes for a complete installation.

4. Open the installed software on your PC and login with your Google ID and password into PlayStore.

5. After successful login, search for the Google One app in the search bar.

6. Find the right app and install it.

7. Enjoy unlimited storage right on your PC as well as your phone.


1. How much does Google One subscription costs?

Well, there are basically four different subscription plans for Google One. They are as follows:

$1.77/month for 100GB space.
$2.99/month for 200GB space.
$9.99 /month for 2TB space.

2. Is Google One worth it?

Well, this entirely depends on your usage. If you have more docs and pictures to take care of, you can easily rely on Google One for safe storage. If not, you can go for the standard free storage. So, yes, Google Play is worth your money.

Final Words

No more hassle of deleting apps and freeing up space on your phone. Buy the Google One subscription and get unlimited and secured cloud storage with a plethora of benefits. We hope that you take the best from this article. Thanks!!

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