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hdminicam-pc-free-download-windows-macHDMiniCam App for PC – Simplify Your Entertainment Life

The world technology has changed with people watching live videos on their phone anytime and at anyplace. With thousands of live videos to view, screenshots to take, and experience real-time connection, you need the power of an application like HDMiniCam Pro.

It’s a digital camera that enables the users to send image data and receive control data via the internet. However, it an Android application, but with emulators, you can enjoy its functionality on your PC.

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Top Features of HDMiniCam Pro App

While the HDMiniCam Pro app has thousands of features, here the main ones that make it tick and more reliable than other HDMiniCam apps in the market.


Supports Screenshots

The HDMiniCam pro app supports screenshots making it easy for the user to take screenshots of the live video and save them for future viewing.

Supports Real-time recording

HDMiniCam Pro app enables the user to record the live videos which get saved into the in-built server or into the SD card on application separate folder to be accessible anytime.

Supports Playback

After recording the video, the HDMiniCam pro app provides the user with the ability to play-back the video and check if everything is working inline.

Why use HDMiniCam Pro App

The HDMiniCam pro app is an internet protocol (IP) camera that’s easy to connect without any configuration on your device. It provides the user with live feeds and an option to view play-back on the videos.

Besides, the HDMiniCam pro app offers a secure wireless transmission that sends the feed directly to your home wireless router. It supports security protocols like WPA2 hence keeping your videos and audios protected.

Additionally, the developers of the application leveraged on making it free for the users. Also, they ensured the app works best on most devices regardless of the make.

Pros of HDMiniCam Pro App

Developed by gang.zhang, the app has over 100,000 downloads since it was released to the market on 7th April 2017. Its top advantages include:

  • Small download size of 6.23 MB
  • Straightforward interface
  • No cumbersome Network configuration
  • Compatible with different devices
  • Supports 2- ways Audio

How To Install HDMiniCam Pro App on PC (Windows or Mac)

HDMiniCam Pro ass as a surveillance tool works best on Android devices. However, you can easily download it using the different emulators for free and use it on your Windows (XP, 7, 8, 10) Vista and Mac. It works perfectly through connecting your cam IP address with your phone Port Name. A user who would love to enjoy the features of HDMiniCam pro application in a bigger, bolder screen with more storage facilities should use Nox App Player for the Mac download and BlueStacks for the Windows download. So let us break down the steps to follow when downloading the HDMiniCam Pro app on your PC.


  • Download and install the emulator you love, BlueStacks for Windows and Nox App Player for Mac users
  • Immediately after the installation of emulator finishes off, double-click on it to open, search for the Google Play Store (ensure you have your Gmail logged in for smoother user of Google play)
  • Open the Google Play Store and search for the HDMiniCam Pro App (the image icon should be similar to the one on the phone)
  • Follow the given steps to download and install it. Click on finish and enjoy its numerous features

Bottom Line

Keep yourself entertained and on top of the latest live videos by using the HDMiniCam pro App for free. Simplify your life and keep moving forward with the HDMiniCam Pro app.

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