How to Install and Use NordPass Password Manager

how-to-install-nordpass-password-managerThe famous analogy security experts used to share about passwords being like underwear still holds. You should keep them private, change them regularly, and never share them with anyone.

Reality has proven, though, that it’s much harder to keep passwords as private as people would like. These bits of information are floating around the internet, waiting to get plucked by hackers in data breaches, online scams, or other attacks.

The reason why these attacks are usually so frequent is that people have formed bad password management habits. Two of the most prominent password safety blunders people fall into are:

  • Creating weak passwords;
  • Reusing a password on different accounts;

Why? Try to remember a different string of random words and numbers for 30 different online accounts. It becomes clear that it is an impossible task. So people tend to recycle the same password which they can remember. Password managers solve this problem by taking away the need to remember passwords.

Read on to see why password managers are essential, and learn how to install NordPass — one of the best password managers currently available.

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The Security Benefits of Using a Password Manager

A password manager is a service that provides an app and extension which you can install on PCs, browsers, and mobile devices. When creating an account, you also create a “master password,” which is what you use to access the app. You can then store all your other account passwords on the app and have them auto-filled on the login forms online.

When you use a manager for passwords, you no longer have to remember them. Meaning you’re free to create a long and unique password (which many password managers can generate) for every account.


NordPass is a new service from the VPN giant, NordVPN. It comes with a list of features, including syncing up to 6 devices and password sharing. The service uses robust XChaCha20 encryption, is easy to use, and has a free plan and affordable subscription price. These qualities, along with the company’s positive reputation, make it a solid contender.

Nordpass is a good option for anyone who’s looking for a Windows, Linux, or Mac password manager. It’s also available for Android and iOS devices.

To that end, here’s a quick tutorial on how to install NordPass on both PCs and smartphones.

How to Install NordPass on PC

NordPass is available both as an extension for browsers and software for computers. The password manager currently supports a range of browsers, including Edge, Chrome, Firefox, Opera, Brave, and Vivaldi.

Follow these steps to install the app on the PC:

1. Go to the NordPass website and either click on “NordPass free” or “Plans” in the header menu. The free option will lead you to a signup page, and the plans button leads to a page outlining the subscription plans.

2. Progress through the account setup process. The free version only asks for an email address, but the subscription plan version asks for credit card credentials as well. The setup process will ask for a confirmation code sent via email.

3. Choose a master password. Make sure the password is long (at least 16 characters) and unique, but still memorable. Here are some password-creation tips for you to get started.

4. Download the background app, which NordPass uses to manage passwords on PCs. Also, install an extension for your browser if you want the autofill and autosave features.

5. Click on the extension to open up the NordPass interface after a successful installation. From there, passwords you can enter or import the passwords and set up two-factor authentication.

How to Install NordPass on Smartphones


You can find the NordPass smartphone app on the App and Google Play stores, respectively. Follow these steps to install it on either iOS or Android:

1. Go to the App Store or Google Play and download the NordPass App.

2. Open the app and choose to create a new account.

3. Add an email address and a password.

4. Enter the 6-digit code to confirm the email address entered.

5. Create a master password. Remember to make it long and unique, but still memorable.

That’s it!


Installing NordPass is a much more hassle-free experience than with most other password managers. It’s also a simple tool to use, and secure to boot.

On top of all that, the free version is enough for anyone who’s starting to use password managers. And although it only supports one device at a time, upgrading to add more devices isn’t expensive either.

Those are all excellent reasons to install the NordPass password manager right now.

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