How to Run Hotspot VPN app on PC using Android emulator

how-to-run-hotspot-vpn-app-on-pc-using-android-emulatorImagine connecting to a public network and freely streaming Youtube while everyone else is being blocked by the firewall, cool right? Or have you ever visited a foreign country just to find either Youtube, Instagram, Twitter, or Facebook are not working because they are restricted? (trust me it happens), a VPN application becomes handy in such situations. If you have been going through internet pages or Google Play Store you must have come across the term VPN or VPN apps.

A VPN (Virtual Private Network) is a secure network that enables users to surf the internet securely and privately by rerouting their internet connection through secure remote servers. These servers are located in different parts of the globe and can be interchanged by the user to fit their need(s). Today we are going to take a look at one of the best VPN applications in the market; Hotspot VPN.


Hotspot VPN is a free Android VPN application. At a small size of 20MB, hotspot VPN gives the user some quality services at zero charges.

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Hotspot VPN Features:

• It offers the user an unlimited bandwidth
• It offers fast connections. once you connect, it does not reduce your browsing speed
• Easy to connect as you just need to click one button
• Variety of servers all around the world which range from the USA to Denmark to the UK and many more
• Enables the user to access any geo-restricted application or website from any country around the globe
• Provides a secure connection by;
– encrypting all internet traffic
– hide your IP address making you impossible to track
– does not create or leave any logs hence once you finish surfing, nobody can track your internet history
• One can fake their IP address enabling them to browse anonymously (useful when commenting on sensitive topics on public forums)
• Access firewall restricted websites and applications especially on institution networks
• It allows one to download torrents and share files
• Provides access to blocked sites for example one can access Facebook and Twitter from countries which they are restricted

How to download Hotspot VPN for PC

Downloading Hotspot VPN on an Android device is easy, the question that many ask is how do I use it on their personal computer. There is a simple workaround for this predicament. One can run Hotspot VPN on a PC using BlueStacks Emulator. For those not familiar with BlueStacks, it’s a Windows and Mac app that creates an environment in which Android applications can be installed and operated. You, therefore, need to first setup BlueStacks as follows;

Installing BlueStacks on PC

• Visit the official BlueStacks website or search BlueStacks setup file on Google
• Download the setup file onto your computer
• Open the folder containing the downloaded Bluestacks.exe file and locate it
• Run the setup with administrator privileges to install BlueStacks
• Once the installation is complete, you may be prompted to restart your PC.
• Launch the BlueStacks emulator and you are set for the next step

Assuming you already have BlueStacks on your computer from the earlier procedure, you can now proceed to install Hotspot VPN.

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