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http-custom-for-pc-guideGet the VPN & SSH Client with a Custom Header with HTTP Custom for PC!

Break down the assumption of not watching your favorite series/shows released in other regions. They are very taxing, indeed! The restrictions are created on some shows because of reasons like cultural diversity, language preference, and many more.

Even for security reasons, many websites on the internet are restricted in different regions. What if these websites are essential for you? In such situations, by using VPN (Virtual Private Network) & SSH (Secure Socket Shell) internet connections, you can quickly detour the restrictions and easily access the content.

One such application is HTTP Custom. HTTP Custom allows you unlimited VPN & SSH access with a custom HTTP request header with an essential component of a network packet sent by a browser or client to the server to request a specific page or data on a web server for secure internet surfing.

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Why opt for HTTP Custom?

Though there are many applications available featuring almost similar benefits, HTTP Custom is the most dependable one as it is much advanced and easy to use. This application can be easily downloaded and installed on Android devices, supporting 16 APIs and above.


Also, HTTP Custom is an easy tool to modify requests and access blocked websites behind a firewall with SSH and VPN internet connection. With the HTTP Custom application, you get an accessible unlimited VPN server without a username, password, registration, and bandwidth limitation.

Features of HTTP Custom

Some primary features of HTTP Custom that make this application very handy and trustworthy to use are listed below:

✔️ Secure Surfing using SSH and VPN

Your confidential data is kept secure from unauthorized domains and hackers with HTTP Custom authentication. This way, you can surf the internet without any worry that your data might get into the wrong hands. HTTP Custom encrypts your entire data and keeps your internet surfing safe.

✔️ Custom request header

The custom request header is used for informational purposes, troubleshooting, and even implementing logic on the server-side. In HTTP Custom, the custom request headers give you the scope for secure internet surfing without any third-party intrusion.

✔️ Free VPN server

The free VPN server provides unlimited bandwidth. It doesn’t charge you for anything while accessing various servers without any limit. Whether watching live shows or streaming videos or even surfing anything on the internet, HTTP Custom maintains your privacy from intruders.

✔️ DNS Changer

HTTP Custom application also has an inbuilt DNS Changer for ensuring proper security from hackers. The DNS Changer changes your device’s DNS address immediately when it finds any third-party interruption so that it can not be poisoned. It all happens without affecting your connection speed in any way.

✔️ User-Friendly Interface

HTTP Custom sets its benchmarks for providing a very user-friendly interface. The User Interface is clean and customizable for a good experience. Apart from that, the list and speed indicators allow you to choose the best available server.

Steps to Share Connection Tethering

Below mentioned are the steps to share the connection tethering and to allow HTTP Custom to function:

Step 1: Start SSH or VPN client until connected.

Step 2: Switch on Hotspot/USB Tethering.

Step 3: Check to log in. It will show information tethering IP: port server as a proxy.

Step 4: Client connect to Hotspot and set proxy client-like log info from HTTP Custom.

Step 5: Once it is connected, you can see an image on top of how to set up a proxy from Android (if you use desktop, please use Proxifier, then set type proxy as HTTPS in Proxifier)

Feedback from the Users

HTTP Custom has got a positive response from the users and has received a rating of 4 stars on Google Play. Unanimously, users have commented that the application is handy, effortless to use, and can detect expired and invalid files on the log window.

However, there are particular concerns regarding the connection issues while opening the files. Nevertheless, the developers are creating updates consistently to resolve the problems.

Step by Step Procedure to Install HTTP Custom on your PC using Nox Player

HTTP Custom can be easily installed on your PC with this simple procedure. However, you need to install an Android emulator that allows you to run mobile applications effectively.

You can install any one of the most popular Android emulators like BlueStacks, Nox Player, or MEmu Play on your PC.

We prefer using Nox Player, so, here are the steps to install it on your PC!

Step 1: Check whether your PC is 32-Bit or 64-Bit compatible.

Step 2: Afterwards, visit Nox Player’s official website to download the package installer.


Step 3: After downloading the package installer, install Nox Player on your PC. Accept the terms and conditions. After that, you need to click on Install.


Step 4: Initially, Nox Player may take a few minutes to get started. When the emulator opens, the installed apps are visible. You will find the Google Play Store pre-installed.

Step 5: Afterwards, open Google Play Store. Now log in with your Google account. Search for HTTP Custom and install it.


Step 6: It’s there now! Start using the HTTP Custom application on your PC.

Summing Up

HTTP Custom provides you with unlimited access to your favorite series, documentaries, and shows you could not watch earlier. It also allows you to use the internet with secure surfing giving unlimited access in restricted areas.

Overall, it is a great application that is very reliable and technologically advanced that protects your data from invalid intruders and hackers.

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