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ibeesoft-data-recovery-softwareAmong a few of the most reliable and trusted data recovery software is iBeesoft. The software allows you to recover all files from any device such as Windows, Mac, and even iPhone devices.

Have you lost some crucial files from any of your devices? Do not worry, you will not be the first, and all is not lost in your case. Why? Because you have landed on a post that will review iBeesoft, which is one of the most reliable data recovery software.

You will realize that most data recovery software will limit the type of devices they can help recover lost data. Luckily iBeesoft does not restrict you on the type of device you can use to recover your lost data.

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iBeesoft Specifications

iBeesoft data recovery software runs on Windows, Mac, and iOS devices; below are some specifications about the software.

Developer: iBeesoft (India)
Latest Version: v.3.6
OS: Windows 10/8.1/7/Vista/XP/(32/64 bit)/Mac OS 10.12 or higher
File Size: 16.2 MB
License: Free/Personal/Family/Company
Pricing: Free/$45.95 for 1 PC/ $89.95 for 2-5 PCs/$299.95 unlimited

System requirements: 200 MB free space of disc, RAM 256 MB (1024 MB recommended), CPU Pentium 1 GHz (32/64 bit), or above.

The software will allow you to recover the following type of files pictures, audio, archives, videos, documents, and others. This means that you can recover any type of lost files from any device.

How Much Does iBeesoft Cost?

The software is very affordable, depending on how you want to use it. You might need to recover files below 200 MB or more than that. If you only need it to recover less than 200 MB of data, you need free iBeesoft data recovery software that has a limit of up to 200 MB.

However, you might need it to recover a large number of files, and perhaps you may need to use it on your PC. The best tier for you is the personal tier, which will cost you $49.95. this tier requires that you use the software on one PC.

Some people may want it for their family use where the family tier requires that you use it on 2-5 PCs only. This tier will cost you up to $89.95. the last tier is the company tier that requires you to pay up to $299.95. this tier is unlimited, which means you can use it on as many PC, as you may need.

How iBeesoft Data Recovery Helps You Recover Lost Data

So which kinds of data does iBeesoft data recovery software help you to recover? The first kind of data is deleted files. Whether you accidentally deleted any of your files or emptied the recycle bin, do not worry, iBeesoft software can help you recover the lost data. iBeesoft will help you to recover many different files from your Windows or Mac. For instance, if you need to recover PowerPoint on Mac, you can use the data recovery for Mac version iBeesoft data recovery software.


However, you must ensure that you try to recover the data as soon as you realize that you have lost important files. This is because the more you use the disc, the higher the chances of permanently losing your data. So it is essential to act fast after you realize you have lost important data.

The software can also recover the data lost on formatted drives. The formatted drives include both working and the ones that are not working. This also means that if you got an error when formatting your drive, you could retrieve your data.

Also, the software will help you recover lost data from hidden or lost partitions. You can also retrieve your lost data from RAW drives and also formatted media drives. It doesn’t matter whether the disc says that the disc is corrupted; your lost data can be quickly recovered.


  • Easy to use interface
  • Recover many file types


  • It is quite slow

How To Use iBeesoft

1. When you first open iBeesoft, you will see a trail of different types of files that you can recover from your device. These include audio, video, document, archives, pictures, and other files. It is highly recommended to choose the type of file you need to download so that you may add up to the required speed to locate the files you want to recover. You will find that all the files have been selected, so you will need to deselect the rest and leave the one you want to recover selected.

2. After you open the software and select the type of files you want to recover, you can then select the location needed for your files. This will again significantly reduce the time taken to locate your files. If you do not know where the files are located, you should allow the software to search for all the drives. However, if you know that your files are from the recycle bin, you can select system drive, which in most cases, is known as C drive.

3. The next step is to select a scan that will show all the files you want to recover, and after selecting ‘recover,’ your files will be retrieved on your PC. The software will then direct you to ‘deep scan if you need to recover more data.

The Two Types of Data Recovery

iBeesoft data recovery software will give you two types of scan modes; normal scan and deep scan.

A normal scan Is where the software a simple scan that will reveal recently lost data. For instance, this scan will show the files that you lost not so long ago.

A deep scan is when the software scans your device heavily for data that was lost long ago. A deep scan only appears after you have carried out the normal scan. After the whole process is done, you can simply select all the files that you want to recover on your device. If you notice that there are too many files you need to recover, you can use the search button to search for the ones you need to recover. If there are few, you can select each and then select the ‘recover button.’ After these, you need to choose a destination where your files will land to.

When the whole process is over, the software will pop up a notification notifying you of the link of the recovered item. You can then follow the link to the item you want to recover. Here you can get the exact location where your item is located, and you can retrieve the data and change the location if need be.

How to Download iBeesoft Data Recovery Software


Windows Data recovery – you can download this version that involves recovering data from your Windows device.

iPhone data recovery for Windows is an all-in-one iOS recovery software version that involves data recovery on iPad, iPhone, iPod, iPod touch, iTunes, and iCloud.

Mac data recovery – this is the easiest way to recover documents from Mac devices.

iPhone data recovery for Mac – this, too, is the easiest data iPhone data recovery for Mac devices. It helps you to recover chats, contacts, memos, and others.

If you need to download any of them, you can visit the iBeesoft data recovery software official website and choose the type of software you want to download. If you’re going to use the free software, you can download the free one from the link provided.

However, if you want to download the premium version of this software, you can click on ‘buy now’ to download and pay for the software’s premium version.

Other Functions of iBeesoft Data Recovery Software

Apart from data recovery, iBeesoft software has other equally important functions one can use.


» iBeesoft File Shredder – for privacy reasons, the file shredder helps you wipe out sensitive and unused data from different files. You should, however, note that the file shredder wipes out the data irreversibly. This means that after using the file shredder, you will never recover the shredded files from your computer. This also ensures that others will not access the data that you have wiped out. It also helps to keep other files on your device private and safe. The shredder also does not occupy any of your system resources.

» iBeesoft iCleaner for Mac – sometimes, the junk in your Mac computer will slow down your computer. However, icleaner for mac from iBeesoft helps you to clean all the junk from your Mac device. It enables the device to have a higher speed. The trash includes application junk, trash junk,

» iBeesoft duplicate file finder – when there are too many files on your computer, your device will start slowing down, thus slowing down the computer’s performance. The duplicate file finder will help you locate the duplicate files on your Windows computer and clear them out to enhance your computer’s performance. With just a single click, you can delete the duplicate content on your Windows computer.

Final Remarks

The iBeesoft data recovery software performs very well in all its functions, and it’s also affordable. If you choose the premium version, you will get value for your money. If you have lost data recently, this is the right tool to recover the data. The user interface is also very easy to use and recover lost data.

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