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idmss-app-for-pc-windows-mac-free-downloadiDMSS Lite & Plus is one of the best applications currently available on the Google Play Store when it comes to controlling all of your remote cameras, doors, and alarms from one place.

In this guide, we will learn how to download and install the iDMSS Lite app on a computer using BlueStacks. BlueStacks is one of the best Android emulation software for computers at the moment and it actually runs Android applications way faster than the average smartphone. Their developers claim BlueStacks processes information 6 times faster than the famous Samsung Galaxy S9+.

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How to Download and Install iDMSS App for PC (Windows 7, 8, 10 or Mac)

So, first of all, we will need to have BlueStacks installed. If you don’t have it set up yet you can download it on this link:

We are not going to explain how to install BlueStacks because it’s not the purpose of this tutorial but the installation process is very straightforward anyways, simply execute the installer and follow the steps.

Once we have BlueStacks installed and opened, we have to click on the Google Play Store, which is the main application used to download other applications.

The first thing we will see when we open the Google Play Store is a screen asking us to either enter our information to log in or create a new account with our given information. Either way, we are gonna need to be logged into a Google Play Store account so if you already have one account from any other of the Google services such as Gmail or Youtube you can use that one, and if not go ahead and create one right now. The good thing is that once you create it will instantly be activated and ready to use so we don’t have to wait for any sort confirmation or anything like that.

Now that we are logged in, we should be seeing some of the most popular applications and a search bar on the top. We are gonna use this search bar to find our desired application, in this case, you need to write “iDMSS Lite” without the quotation marks and once you start the search you will be redirected to the application, however, it has a slight difference in the name and it will show “gDMSS Lite” but don’t worry because this is the one we are looking for.

The next step is to click the green-colored sign with white letters showing “Install” and wait for the application to download and install. We can see this application has more than 10 million downloads and it also has a very positive rating showing a 4.1 out of 5 scores so we are sure this is an application worth using. Now, the download process speed entirely depends on your Internet speed and it could only take a few seconds or even more than a few minutes if your connection is really slow. If you have a wired connection available it’s always better than using Wi-Fi, in fact using wire usually doubles the speed at the very least.

We will also need a bit of storage space available for the application to save all the data and such. To be more specific you should at least have 30 MB available in your computer since the application initially needs 22.80 MB but it might grow as we use it. We simply wait for the green bar to be fulfilled and once it’s done with the “Installing” message we now will see an “Open” sign where before was “Install” placed.

We can now open it and finally, we can now see our iDMSS Lite app running. The first thing we will see once it’s opened it’s if we allow iDMSS Lite to write in our files and find our position, we must accept this for the application to run properly and not give any problems.

Conclusion and Opinion

Finally, we get to the interesting part, now we see 3 different categories available: Camera, Door, and Alarm. If we click on the Camera, it will give us a message showing that the plus version is now freely available, so if you want to check it out you can click on Open on Google Play Store but we don’t need that right now anyway.

Now we can see 4 different boxes with a plus sign in the middle of them, these 4 boxes will be the areas dedicated to our cameras, up to 4 cameras at the same time. If we want to install a Camera, we click on the plus sign, on the bottom we will click on the “Add Device” sign and it will ask us to please initialize our device so that it works. We go do that and now we can see different types of devices based on the way they are connected to us, it can be a WiFi device, a wired device, a cloud device, or an online search device.

For example, if we wanted to set up one of our cameras, we click on the add device one more time and we can now introduce the login of our camera connected to our network by filling the “Username” and “Password” fields with our camera information. We can also select if we want main or extra on the “Live Preview” and “Playback” fields. Once we have done this, we should be finally be seeing our camera in almost real-time!

Not only that but from the camera panel we have a variety of interesting features such as the possibility of recording audio if our camera supports audio recording and taking screenshots or making a video.

Certainly, this application is one of the most interesting ones when it comes to the security of our homes and our lives. It comes with a great variety of useful tools, and it’s simple and very straight forward to use. iDMSS Lite is one of the most popular applications when it comes to surveillance and you can quickly see why it has so many positive reviews about it. We highly recommend using IDMSS Lite app as it’s, if not the best, one of the best applications for our purpose.

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