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Would you like to message and video chat with your family and friends for free? The Imo app is the ultimate solution for you. With this app, you will be able to reach them no matter what device they are on. This way, you can be sure that you will remain connected with those whom you love even if you live far from them. It is truly an incredible app to have on either your phone or computer.

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What is the IMO app for PC?

Imo app counts among the most significant number of messaging apps that are competing for users. With this app, you will be able to message, and videocall those whom you love. The good news is that you will be able to enjoy High definition quality voice and video calling. When it comes to text messaging, there is a library of stickers for you to utilize.


In addition, you can join different group video calls. This has made over 500 million people install this app out there. In fact, this Android app enjoys a 4.3 rating with more than 5 million rating cast. This makes this app better than its peer apps. You can, therefore, download this app both for your phone and PC. If you have it on your PC, you will enjoy a larger interface.

How to use IMO app for PC

Would you like to use this app on your PC? There are several steps that you should follow. To start with, download this app and then create an account, just like you would when using a platform such as Telegram. By doing this, you will be able to get the latest Imo updates from time to time. The sign-up process does not take a lot of time. When signing up, you will get a text that contains a confirmation code to enter the Imo.

Once you have entered the code at the specified location, you will be able to login to this app and use it to connect with those whom you love. When calling your friends on this app, you need to select the person whom you want to talk to first.

After that, you can select the video call option or voice call from the top right of the screen on the chat page. Once you choose any of these options, the other person in contact with you will accept your call, and this will enable you to talk to him easily.

Features of IMO app for PC

This app comes with some incredible features that make it amazing than its peer apps. These include:

1. It is compatible with all networks

One of the key distinguishing features of this app is that you can video call and chat over 2G,3G,4G, or even on Wi-Fi networks. Even with 2G, you will enjoy consistent and stable audio calls.

2. It is free

If you want to avoid costly SMS and phone call charges, you should consider using this app. Here you will be able to video call and even message those whom you love for free. This makes it an excellent app to have on your phone or PC.

3. It supports multimedia sharing

With this app, you will be able to share different photos and videos the way you please. Also, you can send and receive voice messages or documents of any type, be it PDF file or MP3 files.

4. It is a powerful app

This app boasts the ability to support group chats of up to 100000 members. Also, it allows you to share large HD videos and documents of all types.

5. The app works well on different platforms

The other advantage of having this app is that you can readily access it from any platform, be it an Android platform or Windows platform. This versatility makes it ideal for most users out there.

6. It allows you to customize your profile

Here, you will be able to personalize your profile the way you please. In fact, you will be able to select from hundreds of cool avatars, status videos, and even backgrounds.

7. Allows you to find your contacts quickly

With this app, you will enjoy a lot of conveniences. This is because you just need to log in to this app with only your phone number. You do not need to recall your username or PIN. Thereafter, you can use your address book to connect with friends and family.

How to Download IMO App for PC

Having looked at the features of the IMO app, time is ripe for you to download it on your PC. The good thing here is that you will be able to message and video call your friends on a larger platform compared to your phone’s screen.

However, before you download this app on your PC, it is important that you download an Android emulator such as the Nox App emulator.

Thereafter, you can download this app and start using it on your PC. The following are the steps to follow:

1. Download and install the Nox Android emulator.

2. Launch the emulator on your computer.

3. On the Home screen of the emulator, you will see Google Play Store.

4. Log in your Google details on Google Play Store and the search for the Imo app.

5. Click download and install this app on the Nox emulator.

6. Launch the app and start using it on your computer.



Is the IMO app for PC safe?

Yes. This app is safe to use. It is has been tested by experts in the past and has proved to be safe from malware and other viruses that might harm your device and corrupt your data.

Is the IMO app for PC costly?

No. It is free to download and use this app. This means that it can actually be set up and activated completely for free.

Which other emulators should I use when downloading the IMO app for PC?

Besides the Nox emulator mentioned above, you can still use the Bluestacks app player, and you will still manage to download this app successfully. More importantly, this emulator will enable this app to work optimally on your PC.


Imo app is an incredible app that can help you remain connected with your friend and family. Install it on your PC today, and you will enjoy chatting and video calling them for free. This app is truly the best.

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