How To Play Infinite Pads App On The PC [Windows 7, 8, 10, Mac]

infinite-pads-for-pc-windows-mac-downloadFill the Empty Blocks of Your Music With Infinite Pads

Infinite Pads is a wonderful live performance tool that gives you the power to fill a layer of sound to your music sheets. Most of the musicians face the issue of silent pauses when playing an instrument or singing.

This looks quite unpleasing to the ears of the audience and they are able to trace out the incompleteness of the song or music. So infinite pads provide you with a set of 12 note pads with all the keys that can be used to fill in the music in between the pauses. Lets us go further and study the app in detail.

The music app can be easily downloaded for Android from the Google Play Store.

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Features of the Infinite Pads App


Infinite Pads is an innovative app that has multiple good features such as:

Audio Fading

Audio fading is an essential feature in an app like this as if the sound suddenly breaks in, it will sound very harsh to the people listening. The app fades the music when entering and similarly when you tap the pad to close the music, it will go slowly out. Apart from technically being more productive, it will also hear better to a listener’s ear.


The good thing about this app is that apart from having great functionality it also gives the option to add filters. There are three primary filters in this app, crossfade, highpass, and low pass. Filters are used for altering the harmonic content of a signal which in turn changes its timbre.

The crossfade filter in this app helps in adjusting the time it will take to fade the music in or out. Highpass filters out the frequencies on a lower scale for producing a thinner and brighter sound. Lowpass filter, on the other hand, helps in filtering out the higher frequencies and produce a soft and warm sound.

Quick Response

The app has a wonderful interface and the twelve pads are shown on a single screen with the keys that they belong mentioned on them. You can just touch the pad and the app is quick enough to respond as quickly as it can. This is very helpful as there are no delays in between and you get the most accuracy while playing your favorite instrument.

Multiple Modes

This amazing app also consists of multiple modes that can be selected for providing the background music. It has a lush pad, organ, string pad, atmospheric, and epic saw modes that can be selected and each has a distinct sound quality. If you are playing the guitar, it is better to stick with string pad mode and select the key you want in the background.

Music Patches

Every musician understands the need for music patches, they help in filling the left out spaces in a convenient and efficient manner. This app features two new patches in its factory expansion soundbank, rich saw and modulating sines.


Though the app is easy to use and does not require any major knowledge to learn its use, the app also features a tutorial. You can use the tutorial to understand the working of the app and how you can use its various modes and features.

Frequently Asked Questions

There are always some questions that get stuck in the user’s mind, so check out the given FAQs to know more about the app.

1. Can I get my own music patches installed on the app?

Unfortunately no, the app has preinstalled patches on the app and you can only use them in the app.

2. Is the app free to download?

Yes, the app is available free on the Play Store.

3. Are all the features listed above available in the app for free?

Most of the features mentioned above are free. However, the crossfade and highpass controls are not available for free and you will have to buy it through the in-app shop.

4. Does the app have only the above-enlisted modes in the app?

There is a whole new pack of music patches that has multiple modes like a sacred chamber, huge square, gritty organ, etc. that can be bought from the shop.

Installing Infinite Pads for PC (Windows and Mac)

Musicians, when they practice, have a high range of sound for their instrument and mobile phone’s audio would not be sufficient to fill in the gap. Also mostly instruments are connected through various software programs through the laptop. So having this app on the PC will be a major help to the musician.

To install it on your PC, you will first require an Android emulator to install on your PC or laptop. BlueStacks App Player and Nox App Player are two Android emulators that are perfect for your requirement.

Installation Process

infinite-pads-pc-download-using-nox-emulatorTo install the Infinite Pads on your PC, do the following steps:

  1. Install one of the above-given Android emulators on your PC.
  2. Start the emulator after the installation is done.
  3. Login to your Google account using your credentials.
  4. Now go to the play store and search for the Infinite Pads app.
  5. Click to install the app and enjoy it on your PC.

Wrapping Up

Infinite Pads will be huge empowerment for you when you need to fill in the empty silences and it will also give you the support to stay in the required key throughout the song. Thousands of people are taking benefits of this magnificent app and you will too enjoy its play. All the best!

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