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inshot-video-editor-for-pc-windows-mac-free-downloadNow that you are reading this, it is safe to assume you are into top-notch videos. Chances are you dislike average videos and prefer uploading edited videos. Instagram videos go viral when the content is not only funny but also adequately manipulated. An app like InShot covers most of the distinct functions of an editor. Besides, you can make memes and create text inside the videos.

That said, you will notice that there is no InShot program to install directly on your PC. Equally, there are numerous scams online that intend to waste your time and resources in the name of offering a solution. Either way, there is a solution to this issue using third-party applications. You can get InShot installed on your PC in straightforward steps.

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Download and Installation of InShot Video Editor for PC

The following procedure is applicable when installing InShot Video Editor for Windows and InShot Video Editor for Mac.

Several third-party applications can give you access to the InShot app. For now, we will focus on the BlueStacks emulator. BlueStacks is famous for emulating Android games and applications on the PC.


Firstly, you will need to search for a BlueStacks link to their official website ( The reason we advocate for the official website is to ensure you access a secure and standard program. From the site, you can download the BlueStacks installation files. After the download, you can install the program on your PC in a few simple steps. The installation process can prompt you to respond to specific requirements or customization issues. The process can take a few minutes. Therefore, you will need to be patient depending on the processor speed of your PC.

Once installed, the BlueStacks app should be open. If not, you can search for the app on the desktop or among the installed programs. Once the application opens, you will need to enter your Gmail address. This step gives you access to the Google Play Store.

Now, you can access several apps. This time we need InShot only. Therefore, you will need to type InShot on the search box. There are a couple of InShot video editor apps that will pop up, but you will have to select the app from InShot Inc. It is the first app on the list, and it is free of charge.

Click on the app and open it. Once open, it will prompt you to install the app. Once you click on install, the download process will commence and the installation afterward. The app will request access to your system information. You can permit it by accepting this request.

After all these, you can now wait for a few minutes as the app finishes installing itself. After installation, you will get a notification message.

At this point, the InShot app is present in the BlueStacks menu. Clicking on the InShot app icon will open the app, and now you can enjoy manipulating videos.

What to watch out for in BlueStacks

It is also essential to take note of the issues that might come with BlueStacks. Even though the developer ships most issues with every new release or update problems still exist.

For instance, it might always be a problem that some bugs come up on your Mac or Windows PC. Such errors lead to route issues. Sometimes BlueStacks gives you no alternative when choosing the picture or scene mode in a particular application. Such an item may not be the case when using InShot, but that does not disqualify the problem.

Also, after the BlueStacks upgrade, you might realize the InShot app does not work well. Well, those are solvable compatibility issues. In such a situation, you will need to download and execute the InShot app. After that step, you will need to restart the BlueStacks. Either way, the app has excellent advantages.


Finally, now you know how to download and install the InShot app for your PC on BlueStacks. Besides, you can handle any issues that come with BlueStacks. Better still, you know what challenges you expect. Again, there are numerous alternatives to try if the BlueStacks method does not suffice your expectations. Otherwise, the ball is in your court.

Inshot for PC FAQs

1. Can you use InShot on PC?

You can easily use the Inshot app on your PC. You will have to download an emulator on your PC and then use it to download and use Inshot for PC.

2. Can you download InShot on PC?

Yes, you can download the app on your PC. However, downloading the app on your PC directly from the App Store or Google Play might be impossible. However, you can download an emulator like Bluestacks to download the app on your PC.

3. How do I download InShot on my computer?

  • Download and install MEmu on your computer.
  • Download Inshot APK on your PC.
  • Click on the APK icon on the MEmu emulator.
  • Click open, and the app will be downloaded to your PC.

4. Can you use InShot on Mac?

Yes, you can use the InShot app for PC on your Mac computer. You will use the Nox App player to download the app on your Mac.

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